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Overview Experience Optimization Platform enables enterprises to design, test, train, deploy, and manage virtual and process assistants in both voice and digital channels. The platform supports both on-prem and cloud deployments for over 30 channels in 26 languages. Central to Kore’s platform's capability are its superior NLU with explainable AI and CX & EX delivery frameworks. Speech recognition, analytics and integrations are essential components for end to end experience optimization. Recognized by the leading analysts as a leader in conversational AI space, is trusted by hundreds of global enterprises.

Key Features Experience Optimization Platform enables enterprises to design, build, test, train, deploy, and manage virtual assistants and process assistants to automate front-office and back-office experiences in both voice and digital channels. The enterprise-class, no-code platform supports both on-prem and cloud deployments for over 30 channels in 26 languages.

Central to the platform's capability are its superior NLU (ML + 2 NLP) with explainable AI and CX and EX delivery frameworks. Speech recognition, analytics and channel as well as enterprise systems integrations are other essential components to enable end-to-end experience optimization.’s Experience Optimization Platform is the foundational platform for the rest of its products and solutions.’s industry-focused and function-focused products are built on top of the platform and they all inherit platform capabilities of conversational AI, NLU, analytics, and other enterprise class featureset. The platform naturally fits at the foundation level of the entire product portfolio on top of which there are Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) delivery capabilities and then industry/function focused products.

Kore presently offers six ready-to-use, domain-trained virtual assistants configured on its platform for specific industries and functions within businesses. These include: 1) BankAssist for retail banking, 2) SmartAssist for cloud call center, 3) WorkAssist for employees, 4) SearchAssist for conversational cognitive search, 5) HR Assist to support HR function and 6) IT Assist to support IT helpdesk activities.

Key Benefits

Kore helps customers in three major ways: Accelerated Time to Value for our Customers, Continuous Innovation, and Extraordinary Customer, Employee, and Partner Experience.

A) For accelerated time to value for our customers, we provide:-

- Rapid customer-empowered deployment through Explainable AI, which makes decisions algorithms transparent to business and technical users. This enables our customers to quickly trace how interactions are processed, identify drop-off points, and continually optimize NLU, context management, and fulfilment.

- A unified automation platform that delivers significant cost reduction and improved service levels for our customers. Our customers, including citizen developers, can design and implement virtual assistants with little or no coding, eliminating the need for expensive IT skills and data scientists. Apart from the end-to-end capability for designing, building, training, testing, deploying and managing virtual assistants for front office automation and process assistants for back-office automation in a no-code framework, it offers a bot store and ready-to-use, customizable templates for bots and process apps, effectively reducing the barriers for building end-to-end experience automation.

- Built-in frameworks for CX and EX delivery that bring channels and enterprise system specific integrations out of the box to support business-to-customer and business-to-employee use cases. This enables our customers to build CX and EX use cases seamlessly without needing to worry about use case specific nuances. In addition, we have pre-built, domain-trained virtual assistants complete with thousands of intents and hundreds of workflows for specific industries and functions within businesses. These include:

-- BankAssist, which automates 150+ common customer service interactions and retail banking workflows

-- SmartAssist is a cloud call center as a service (CCaaS) providing end-to-end omnichannel automation for inbound customer service.

-- SearchAssist is the AI-powered search assistant that blends cognitive and conversational powers together to help users bring contextual and personalized search results.

-- WorkAssist is employee workspace application that centralizes data from applications and provides tools to collaborate on it with help from Kora Universal Virtual Assistant

-- HR Assist is an AI-powered self-service virtual assistant for every employee to get help on HR queries

-- IT Assist is for IT support teams to provide quick resolution to employee queries and requests through self-service assistant

B) We foster continuous innovation through a combination of superior NLU with Explainable AI, contextual intelligence and dialog turn management.

- Our NLU is built on the strength of 3 NL engines – fundamental meaning, machine learning and ontology-based knowledge graph - that understand, manage and lead conversations to deliver higher automation rates with superior accuracy. By eliminating the “Big Tech'' Blackbox, Kore makes the decisions of algorithms transparent to both business and technical people, allowing customers to trace how interactions are processed, and continually optimize NLU, context management and fulfilment.

- The platform’s built-in contextual intelligence helps continuously manage data and contextual details at multiple levels with little coding required. This ability to follow conversation history, harvest and harness structured and unstructured information helps personalize experience based on the user profile, persona and past interactions.

-The platform’s intelligent dialog turn management helps deliver sophisticated conversational capabilities including handling digressions, interruptions, contextual intents and input corrections to mimic natural human dialogs.

C) We offer a rich conversational and digital UX at scale through a unified platform that allows both creation of advanced virtual assistants and automated business workflows for end-to-end automation as well as a rich set of UI components such as widgets, panels, forms, carousals, lists, button, and much more to build a complete digital UX. The conversational and digital UX work seamlessly delivering sophisticated experience to end user with little or no coding so that clients can focus on driving the business forward.

Large enterprises and new economy companies that have leveraged Kore’s platform have improved the speed of their business and experienced 20% increase in employee productivity, 27% reduction in support costs, 30% reduction in time to market, 24% fall in call volumes.

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