Anti-Money Laundering

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AML Suite: End-to-end. Unified. Scalable. -- The market is saturated with disparate point solutions, performing point-in-time AML tasks. This rigidity inhibits Financial Institutions (FIs) ability to create a robust, unified AML program and manage risk across all stages of the customer lifecycle. To minimize reputational and regulatory damage, Financial Institutions maintain multiple systems – stitching insights across different tools and juggling multiple governance requirements. This increases the total cost of compliance, while their staff spends more time looking for information rather than acting on it. Feedzai’s offering entails four AML solutions in one powerful platform:

AML Transaction Monitoring – Leverage machine learning models for behavioral profiling and alert prioritization to accurately identify suspicious activity – without the noise. Enhance productivity for risk managers with our visual link analysis tool, whitebox explanations, and integrated reporting.

Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence – Confidently onboard customers and perform ongoing due diligence using multi-vectored risk signals, such as demographic data, customer screening results, transaction monitoring alerts, and filed SARs. Financial Institutions should no longer be burdened by manual periodic review processes. FIs must be notified so they can manage high risk customers as their profiles change.Our solution gives you the flexibility to choose the data sources most impactful to your business and aggregates insights in one interface for faster decision-making. Our Evolutionary Risk Profiling proactively alerts you on high-risk changes based on interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Watchlist Management Customer Screening – Accurately identify customers flagged on global sanctions lists, risk-related watchlists (e.g., PEPs/RCAs), and adverse media – all automatically updated to improve operational efficiency. Maintain flexibility to customize triggers, add internal watchlists, and/or third-party data.

Watchlist Management Payment Screening – Identify potential sanction matches across 110+ watchlists in real-time – assessing originators, beneficiaries, and payment notes. We generate accurate confidence scores and a streamlined alert disposition process through advanced analytics and fuzzy name matching algorithms.

Key Features

I-Alert Optimization (reducing false positives)

Many vendors claim to have Alert Optimisation (aka. Prioritisation). Feedzai Alert Optimisation is a Machine Learning system that leverages complex feature engineering combining both entity-based and graph-based features (e.g. GuiltyWalker). These features are used to train a LightGBM model, a fast, high performance, distributed gradient boosting framework based on decision tree algorithms, used for classification, ranking, and other ML tasks. Gradient boosting is one of the most powerful techniques for building predictive models. Feature engineering is the process of selecting, manipulating, and transforming raw data into features that can be used in supervised learning.

II- Feedzai Genome (AI-powered visual link analysis tool)

Genome, our AI-powered visual link analysis tool, helps risk ops teams quickly identify and explain emerging financial crime patterns, and fraudulent network rings. It leverages graph-based techniques to surface different AML and fraud typologies such as mule accounts, layering tactics, triangle schemes, structuring, account takeovers, and bot attacks. Feedzai Genome also deepens risk assessment because clusters of transactions, not just flagged transactions, can be reviewed, enabling investigators and data analysts to catch wider criminal operations. As a result, fewer false negatives slip through the cracks. Unlike other visual link analysis tools, Genome works seamlessly with the entire Feedzai platform by leveraging omni-data ingestion (data from multiple channels). This produces high quality alerts that ensure that the right investigator is focusing on the right reviews. Genome surfaces the intricate connections among entities by showing investigators the hidden connections among transactions. It is an easy way to “follow the money”—investigators can simply click on Genome in Case Manager to expand details for transaction after transaction, instead of performing many manual searches and keeping track of results in a spreadsheet. This enables investigators to perform deeper, more accurate investigations. By intuitively guiding investigators through relationships, Genome helps them be confident in their decisions and explain them for compliance purposes.

We are currently working on Genometries, a feature that will detect and identify recurrent, risky patterns within Genome using advanced AI, graph visualization engine, and similarities with past cases. Traditionally, risk systems alert on individual transactions or customers, leaving it to the analysts and investigators to use their experience and knowledge to piece together the big picture with the modus operandi of the attack, all transactions involved, customers, devices, payment instruments, etc. With Genometries, the system raises an alert of an attack based on similarities of past cases. This is made possible with a graph-based approach since a graph can encode not only individual transactions, but also a complex web of interactions that define legitimate or criminal behavior. As a result, Genometries helps analysts and investigators to quickly act on sophisticated financial crime.

III- Depth and Breadth of Cloud Experience: The rapid rise in digital based payments have exposed the performance gap in systems that are reliant on traditional core banking technology. As Feedzai is seeing increasing adoption of cloud in our client industries, we have become the only cloud-first company that can also offer a single platform that fights financial crime. Our depth of cloud experience allows us to enable our clients to:

a. Maintain security compliance

b. Scalability and Flexibility that provides our clients with a system that can be instantly tuned and scaled, manage growing bandwidth demands and minimize downtime and latency

c. Instant access to new features that keep fraudsters at bay and eliminates time spent on installation and configuration

d. Faster time to value that enables our clients to go live faster and focus on their own business growth by avoiding months of set up

e. Visibility into performance

f. Lower TCO that have removed for our clients their upfront costs, reduced their compliance risk, and gained access to remote and immediate customer support.

Key Benefits

I- Master AML risk across the customer lifecycle - Gain a comprehensive, contextualized, and accurate view of financial crime risk that speeds up cross-functional investigations. Automate risk profiling, watchlist management, and transaction monitoring from customer onboarding through ongoing activity on a perpetual basis – without compromising risk controls.

II- Connect insights across AML systems - Achieve seamless compliance with four solutions on a single platform. Detect unlawful activity, eliminate redundant work, and remediate risks efficiently. Achieve operational excellence by leveraging a comprehensive, contextualized, and accurate view of financial crime risk that presents the right information to your teams with appropriate context. Connect all AML tools, data, and insights on a single cloud platform to lower TCO and maintenance – obtaining faster time to value.

III- Scale your business using a single cloud platform - Access an integrated standard interface that can scale to meet any need and volume; managed version control and security are all in one future-proof, cloud package. Consolidate tools, data, and insights to lower total cost of ownership and maintenance for an accurate risk view of customers.

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