Digital Factsheets the future ? Why this is the wrong question to ask.

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18 June 2016

iPlus 3: A logical solution architecture for the digital age of investment management

The digital transformation of Asset Management is a step change, not a linear refinement of the old ways.

So, what is the right question to ask ? First, let's try to identify the goals and opportunities digital transformation offers.

The empowerment of investment advisors and sales teams with mobile platforms that enable them to:        

  1. Access discrete components of information about funds and client investments presented in bespoke  form according to the needs of individual clients and prospects.
  2. Access the associated formal product and fund documentation via the same mobile platform in the knowledge that the underlying data will always be consistent with that presented as discrete components in bespoke form.

The transformation of the behaviors and preferences of individuals accessing digital channels, such as websites and social media, into data that can be used to:

  1. Provide accurate and up to date intelligence on the investment products and services that are attracting most interest from customers and potential customers.
  2. Better targeting of products and services to market segments.

And .. all the above in a regulatory compliant and timely manner.

So, how best to achieve this ? 

Firstly, to think in terms of content, not delivery container. A Digital Factsheet is just one of many possible containers of content. 

What is content ? 

Content is not just another word for data and information, it is a more sophisticated concept:                                  

                   Content = data + context

Context prescribes how data and information is to be presented. For example, if, when and how it is to be presented in individual documents, individual channels and individual jurisdictions.

In simple terms:      

  • Data is the what of communications
  • Context is the when, where, and how

So, the real question to ask is "How can I create, organise and distribute my content to enable digital transformation ?". In answering this question, you allow the goals and opportunities of digital transformation to be achieved. 

We at integrate are confident that we have answered this fundamental question with the logical solution architecture of iPlus 3. A platform already delivering digital enablement to a top 5 asset manager.

iPlus 3:  The Logical Solution Architecture for Future Client Reporting Needs

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