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2 June 2016
United Kingdom

Read this success story to learn how a global asset manager enhanced sales productivity, transitioned distribution to digital channels and reduced operating costs.

This client is one of the 5 largest investment managers in the world, with more than $1.5 trillion in assets under management, offices in 20+ countries, and investment products managed in 10+ separate boutiques.

The current challenge of digital distribution:

  • The traditional reporting model cannot be adapted to support the distribution of information via digital channels
  • Digital distribution involves component-level information.
  • Digital channel technology is not backwardly compatible with the traditional reporting model.
  • The result will be separate operating models, fragmented system platforms, and a content management overhead.

The new iPlus 3 asset management reporting model:

  • In the new reporting model we no longer think in terms of ‘information containers’, i.e. reports, or in terms of generic templates that can be customised to create a ‘family’ of reports.
  • Information exists as discrete components that can be distributed individually, or aggregated to create bespoke sets of information.
  • All information can be distributed through multiple channels, traditional and digital.

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