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Vendor manual

Creating a vendor record

To participate in VendorMatch vendors need to start the process of creating a vendor company profile, and adding a product profile to VendorMatch Directory. Vendors can then complete the VendorMatch RFX surveys to be included in the RFX Request for Information Repository.

  • To start the process of creating a profile, please register on with your company email address.
  • Go to the my settings page
  • Use the add company link
  • The creation wizard will check if a vendor profile already exists, in the event that one does you can request permission to become an administrator of the profile. This creates an email which goes to the current administrators.
  • If current administrators do not grant access after 48 hrs,, you can request access be granted by Celent support
  • Create your company profile by completing the company information form. This will form the foundation of your vendor profile on the platformm.
  • KEY FACTS: Next add the key facts about your company by completing the company survey


Now it time to invite other members of your company to become vendor profile administrators. You will need to invite people who require access to profile editing, analytics, adding events, news etc and also sales, sales support and product experts who can complete the surveys which form part of the solution listing process.

From back in the my setting screen:

  • To grant vendor profile administration access and level of permissions, click user management.

Listing a solution in the directory & adding information to RFX

  • Click on add / edit products / services
  • Select VendorMatch and complete the product profile form.
  • Complete the VendorMatch survey before moving onto RFX. In both the approach is the same - complete the surveys.
  • Accurately identify the system type. Selecting all applicable system types wholly define the system you are looking to list but do not select system types for which your application or service has coverage but is not the sole scope of the solution.
  • Complete the directory listing survey which is created dynamically based on the system types you have selected.
  • Once completed clicking save and publish will ensure the solution is added to the public directory or RFX library. Note how your data is protected in our Terms of Use.

Keeping your profile current

  • It is important to keep the information held on your system up to date.
  • Listings must be reviewed when surveys are amended.
  • Listings expire if they have not been reviewed after 6 months.

Adding content to your company

  • From this point on user group members who you have granted the necessary “edit vendor record” permission can add content to the profile. This content can be media and more information on the company profile or surveys, news, whitepapers, events etc.


  • PRO subscribers can obtain visitor microscope analytics. Click on Analytics in the menu to initiate.