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The following sections provide guidance on how to create a VendorMatch profile so you can be found by FIs, as well as how to complete our RFX survey for sharing RFI level data with Celent and -- if desired -- with other third parties.

If in any doubt about data security please see our section on Vendor Data Protection & Privacy FAQs which explains how your data is shared only with FIs, as well as how more granular data is further protected by our vendor controlled release process.

The guide is available in the following formats:

Video Guide

The video guide is a complete tutorial for vendors and explains how to get the best out of VendorMatch and RFX. While we encourage you to spend 8 minutes watching the entire video, you can jump to sections using the links below. This video covers:

Vendor Video Tutorial

VendorMatch User Manual (Vendor Edition)

In addition to watching the video tutorial above, you may also download a full VendorMatch & RFX Tutorial for vendors to look over in your own time. The full downloadable documentation is available in the following formats:

As a downloadable PDF

You are welcome to open the tutorial as a PDF file, which is widely supported by most systems for you to view, follow and refer back to as a guide on setting up and maintaining your VendorMatch profile.

Click here to download our comprehensive VendorMatch & RFX Tutorial in PDF format.

Open as a PDF

As a PowerPoint presentation

You may view the same documentation as a PowerPoint document if you prefer and have a system that supports the *pptx format

Click here to download our VendorMatch & RFX Tutorial as a PowerPoint presentation.

Open as PowerPoint