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Quadient AR by Yaypay is a leading accounts receivable automation solution providing intelligent credit-to-cash software, payment processing and industry best practice. Our end-to-end platform ensures process efficiency, team productivity and customer delight while accelerating cash flow. Quadient supports hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide in their quest to create relevant, personalised connections and achieve customer experience excellence.

Quadient AR by YayPay provides users with a customizable, user-friendly dashboard that contains all of your accounts receivable information. Reports such as top-rated buyers and past-due invoices can be displayed. Quick access to real-time DSO, current account information, dynamic aging, payment predictions, payor trends, and automated collections data, allow AR teams to monitor the credit-to-cash cycle from end-to-end, quickly identifying bottlenecks and potential problem areas.

Key Features

Invoice processing, management and delivery

Quadient AR offers a streamlined and automated invoice processing and management solution that supports multiple delivery formats and channels, including outsourced postal mail via integration with Quadient Impress. The platform includes customizable templates, automatic creation and distribution, and flexible payment options with an online payment portal.

Credit risk management

Quadient AR offers advanced credit risk management capabilities to help businesses minimize their credit risk exposure. The platform includes customizable credit applications and automatic monitoring of customer creditworthiness using real-time data gained both within the platform, and via integration with CreditSafe and Dun & Bradstreet. Additionally, the solution provides personalized collections workflows and escalation paths for overdue accounts, enabling businesses to proactively manage delinquent accounts and reduce bad debt.

Machine learning and AI

Quadient AR currently includes AI capability to automatically assess and learn from past customer payment behavior, in order to present the AR Team with accurate insight into cash forecasting and customer likelihood to pay. The system learns from buyer payment behavior to assign each customer with a letter grade from A to E (where A is top marks, a very reliable payer, and E signifies a buyer is slow to pay). In addition the system provides a trend indicator based on most recent invoices, so the AR team can identify good payers at risk of moving down the ranks, or historically poor payers that are improving, so the team can act strategically and preventatively. The platform also leverages NLP in the communications workspace, where the system 'reads' inbound communications and automatically tags them (for example, as a dispute or a promise to pay) based on the language used.

Collections management

With Quadient AR, users can set up workflows and automated actions based on specific triggers, such as past-due invoices or customer segment. Through workflows for specific segments or triggers, plus configurable global rules, AR teams can set tailored communications strategies and target their customers with invoice reminders and other collections actions. Quadient AR provides detailed reporting and analytics on the collection management process, giving users insights into the effectiveness of their strategies and areas for improvement.

Disputes management

Customers can raise disputes automatically through the portal, or incoming emails can be automatically tagged by the system using NLP as a dispute case. The platform includes a centralized workspace for all dispute cases, with the ability to track and manage each case through to resolution, action dispute items in bulk, or forward items for escalation.

Integrated payment portal

Quadient AR’s integrated payment portal offers our clients’ buyers a seamless interface to access, view, download and pay invoices. Through partnerships with payment service providers (such as GoCardless, Trust Payments, CardConnect and Flywire), we can offer our clients the ability to invoice their customers in their preferred format and currency no matter where they are located in the world. Through the portal, the buyer can also contact their AR rep, raise a dispute, make a partial pay or a promise to pay, or set up a recurring payment. The portal is PCI-DSS compliant meaning buyers can place their trust in the security of the portal to remember card details, for easy and secure repeat payments. Once a payment is made on an invoice through the portal it is automatically applied back to the invoice.

Cash application

Quadient AR features a cash application module which automates the allocation of cash to open invoices through use of AI and machine learning. Payments can come in via the integrated portal, check, ACH or card. The platform automatically identifies and extracts remittance advices from inbound communications and auto-matches them to payments; where remittance advice is missing, ML-based matching algorithms suggest the correct invoice to the collector based on past payment history for quicker, trustworthy cash application. These matching rules are configurable depending on the needs of the business, and like every other module within Quadient AR, advanced analytics can be run on cash application and payments.

Business intelligence & analytics

Quadient AR is uniquely placed to deliver powerful analytics and business intelligence to users. Users can build reports and dashboards on any AR datapoint held within the system and share these limitlessly within the organization to help eliminate data silos. The home dashboard is a highly visual, user-friendly experience containing snapshots of your open invoices, top customers (which are all assigned a letter grade indicating how reliable they are at paying on time, based on machine-learning insights from past payment behavior), average days to pay, email communication sends, cash projection, and cash forecasting.

ERP and CRM integration

Quadient AR seamlessly integrates with any ERP - we have a collection of prebuilt ERP connectors for ERPs including Sage X3 and Oracle Netsuite, which allow customers on those ERPs to benefit from a quick implementation process. For ERPs that we don't have a connector to, our team is experienced and highly capable of developing an in-house custom integration via CSV or API; we have had success here with companies in the enterprise space using ERPs such as Oracle, SAP and Workday, and we're confident in our in-house integration ability even for customers with multiple ERPs or multiple subsidiaries. We also integrate with Salesforce to help other departments such as sales and customer success within the business gain a full picture of AR data. In addition, because our platform is developed on one code base from the ground up, all of our modules integrate seamlessly with each other - meaning reporting across roles within the AR team is a breeze.

Key Benefits

Deep customer insights and reduced data silos

Finance-related communications make up a high percentage of customer interactions. Integrated solutions that combine AR processes with other financial, operational and communications processes are gaining popularity in the market. By integrating AR processes with other functions such as accounting, sales, and customer service, businesses can achieve greater visibility into their cash flow and improve overall business performance. At Quadient AR we have built a single-sign-on hub where users can access all Quadient software applications in one place (including AR and AP), and derive customer insights and analytics from across the board. Data analytics is increasingly being used in AR processes to gain insights into customer behavior, identify trends, and optimize processes. Quadient AR is incredibly strong at providing analytics and business intelligence to our users; users can create custom reports and dashboards on any AR datapoint, share these insights organization-wide, and tap into AI and machine learning capabilities within the platform to gain a holistic view of buyers' payment performance.

Improved customer experience

In times of economic challenge businesses need to focus on churn reduction and customer retention; a key starting point is to look at customer experience across all channels, not just communication. Interactions with the AR team and being chased for payment can feel impersonal and lead to a negative experience, especially when the customer doesn't have all the information they need to pay an invoice, or they aren't presented with simple payment options that work for them. Quadient AR is perfect for AR teams looking to improve customer experience - we provide an integrated, user-friendly self-service portal where customers can view, download and pay invoices as well as contact the AR rep directly, and we also enable the AR team to set up highly personalized communications in workflows, allowing for each customer to be treated uniquely. We also use machine learning, so that if a customer has opened a dispute, submitted a promise to pay, or paid (and if the cash is still waiting to be applied to an invoice), the customer is automatically removed from a reminder workflow, so they aren't bombarded with comms when they don't need to be.

Safeguard against economic challenges

Economic challenges can lead to slower payment cycles, increased bad debt, high credit risk, staffing and budget cuts (necessitating AR teams to do more with less) and increased pressure to collect cash in order to secure cash flow. Quadient AR can help users tailor and automate collections strategies to reduce the manual effort involved in chasing customer invoice payments, while still delivering a personalized experience to the customer; our clients frequently reference that by adopting Quadient AR, they were able to continue driving collections success without the need for added headcount.

Excellent user experience – happy employees

Quadient AR is modern, easy to navigate, and easy to learn and be trained on; the interface is intuitive and easy to customize and configure at the point of use, to allow end users to quickly access the information they need for their day-to-day work. Quadient AR’s ease of use led one of our largest customers (WS Audiology) to consider their team trained and up-and-running in just one day. This prevents drop in business efficiencies throughout the implementation process, and means the AR team can begin to use and configure the system the way they need to from day one. AR teams are empowered to create their own custom collections workflows, set their own strategies, and hit their targets by completing items on their to-do list, while managers benefit from a birds-eye view of global team performance.


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