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360Globalnet introduces a new era of insurance claims management by digitising the entire claims lifecycle from FNOL to settlement. Policyholders are provided with a frictionless customer experience in-line with the rest of their contemporary consumer lives, and supply chain orchestration and automation slash the operational cost of claims management.

Insurers, once facing a gruelling journey of digital transformation, now have the opportunity to build unique enterprise-strength claims management systems using an ‘off the shelf’ software model – establishing a new age of low-risk and low-cost bespoke IT. Our multi-award-winning technology is enabling clients to become the fastest payers of claims, opening the door to a new realm of customer satisfaction and retention – the crown jewels of any business.

Key Features

360Globalnet offers the only complete end-to-end no-code digital claims platform that can manage any claim, of any complexity, in any language and in any region. We’ve digitised the entire claims lifecycle, orchestrating and automating the entire supply chain to facilitate the ultimate goal of no-touch claims.

✓ 360Globalnet has built this online digital claims platform in no-code technology
✓ It manages any claim type of any complexity in any geography, from notification to settlement
✓ It operates as an efficient core system in its own right
✓ It can wrap around the existing IT estate providing the functionality existing tech lacks
✓ It comes equipped with an array of self-configurable capability out of the box (supply chain integration, media handling, live streaming video, unstructured data tech)
✓ It facilitates completely new claims handling processes and models both internally and in the field
✓ Ability to link-up and workflow all the actors in a claim, especially supply-chain as a result of the parent/child/grandchild organisational construct of the technology
✓ Live streaming HD video as well as offline video capability
✓ Imagery and document handling photos, docs of any description, spreadsheets etc.
✓ Remote workforce management system micro-manages any type of field/supplier network, internal or outsourced
✓ Real-time supplier capacity management and online appointment setting
✓ Skills based system-driven work allocation both teams and individuals
✓ Unstructured data tech to turn all documents, forms and emails etc into analysable intelligence
✓ Advanced fraud detection and claims profiling - the technology machine-reads the unstructured content loaded to it, releasing 100% of available information
✓ Virtual visit technology replacing physical visits
✓ Video Technology (online and offline): Both online live streaming and offline recording.fully integrated into configurable workflow
✓ Virtual visit capability: Online workflow including live-streaming video technology to connect with customers/others replacing physical visits and inspections/interviews
✓ Skills-based task auto-routing: Individuals and teams internal and externally auto-allocated tasks according to the configuration determined by the client
✓ Online appointment setting: Real-time appointment slots can be presented to any party for any reason, but particularly to automate customers/supplier logistics
✓ Multi-Factor Authentication: We can pin protect the whole platform or discrete parts of it for anyone with access permission – this is a very flexible security tool
✓ Fraud Detection: The system can be configured with behavioural triggers, geo-location and data-driven fraud detection capability. The 360Retrieve unstructured data technology plays a major role by releasing 100% of the information an Insurer has driving a better outcome
✓ Quote Builder: In-built capability for anyone to construct an online” line by line” quotation for any type of loss or damage, material or human. Can accommodate underlying rates to build a notional price
✓ Automated customer/other parties updating: The technology tracks and monitors every input to it from any party whether external or internal. It can be configured to auto-update anyone at any time based on changes in the progression of the workflow.
✓ Think online retail tracking and communication brought to Insurance
✓ Brokers/Agents: Can be joined to any process at any stage for required input and participation. System automatically updates claim progress
✓ Automated diary, reminders and calls to action: Diary actions and reminders fully automated based on responses received by the system
✓ Task escalation: The technology will escalate action to a human when this is identified as the best next step
✓ Integration: There is a set of powerful bi-directional API’s for integration into Policy systems or any existing technology
✓ Bulk Uploading – (Pre-emptive notification): Bulk Customer contact details can be simply uploaded to 360SiteView to provide and instant communication channel via SMS and email. Used in CAT events (wildfires, hurricanes etc) to provide information to customers and supply them with an onl ine link to report any damage or loss in advance
✓ Management information: There is a comprehensive Management Information/Business intelligence suite available if required or raw data fed back in near real-time to the client
✓ Unstructured data technology: We offer the ability to turn information in any document, form or email etc into analysable intelligence via integrated unstructured data tech 360Retrieve
✓ Unstructured data claim profiling – bodily injury: machine-read documentation and medical reports t to inform the nature of any medical condition or injury, together with any associated conditions. 360Retrieve understands prognoses and rehabilitation periods and identify under-reserved claims The same process also profiles the legal market informing Insurers of changing tactics and approaches at a macro level, by individual law firm and fee earner
✓ Unstructured data valuation toolkit: In association with a partner law firm we have integrated a bodily injury valuation technology which takes output from documents and data to produce injury valuations
✓ Branding and white labelling: We can accommodate any branding and different brand paths can have quite different configurations one to another sitting under a parent organisation

There is much more...

Key Benefits

Our technology comes with all the configurable capabilities and tools insurers need built in. Insurers, once burdened and restricted with the compromise and friction caused by multiple-point solutions and legacy systems, can now craft the claims operations they desire, unlocking a new chapter of efficiency, customer engagement and sustainability.

Policyholders, conditioned by their digital lives, can now engage with insurers at a time and manner that suits them, receiving an experience similar to that of the best online retailers with automated status updates and superfast settlements. The no-code architecture creates a revolutionary dimension for clients to exploit. It provides the freedom for insurers to engage with customers - and the entire supply chain – with agility and flexibility simply not possible with legacy systems. Insurers can pivot and adapt in a moment’s notice to cater for sudden changes or market trends, all from the desktop in plain English – no coding skills needed. Our approach opens the door for insurers to safely transition their existing claims management structures away from slow, expensive and restrictive operations into digitally automated environments that breed customer satisfaction and retention.

Our multi-award-winning claims technology, 360SiteView, provides the modern claimant with the instant confirmations and quick settlements they now demand. Their experience has a direct influence on their decision to renew their policy and obtaining their satisfaction is simple; allow them to make a claim on any device at a time that suits them, keep them up to date at every step of the way and be the fastest payer of claims.

360Globalnet technology is built around this ethos, driving renewal retentions to levels not seen before within insurance. Looking after policyholders invites loyalty which is repaid at renewal and unlocks a new wave of cost savings for insurers. The more customers you keep, the less your customer acquisition costs will be, and the faster you settle claims the cheaper your claims costs will become.

In the name of acquiring a competitive advantage, insurers are often compelled to endure the route of building bespoke IT solutions. It’s a high risk and high-cost strategy that can take years to implement and has no guarantee of success nor promise to cater for market changes.

This is where the path of no-code architecture is so transformational. It’s a path where, for the first time, insurers can design and build bespoke IT solutions with complete flexibility, using ‘off the shelf’ software.Unlike traditional IT implementations, no-code architecture enables bespoke systems to be designed and built within weeks and months, not years. Its flexibility means that should the market demands change, so too can the direction of the build because nothing is hard-coded. And because it’s all readily available software, the upfront costs are extremely low.

We have manufactured the ‘Lego’ blocks in which clients assemble and create the processes and efficiencies they desire into one enterprise-strength application to orchestrate and automate the entire claims lifecycle. Further, its flexibility means that clients can quickly plug the gaps in which legacy solutions are exposed whilst carefully digitising one section or one line of business at a time, initially acting as a digital wrap-around before being implemented across the entire business.

A revolutionary low-cost and low-risk era.