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16 September 2014
Tom Scales
Just a follow-on to Donald Light's post about the newly annouced iWatch. I'm very curious to see if Apple can again legitimize a new market segment. They didn't invent the wearable watch, but they have introduced a modestly attractive watch and have a market impact that is impressive. As a part of Celent's Life and Health team, I see so many uses for the information that could be provided by a solid entrant in the market. I have personally been watching the space for awhile. There are many entrants in the space -- Samsung alone has introduced four watches in the last year. I am also a true geek and love new toys. But I don't own a wearable yet. My fundamental problem is that none of them are really very good watches. They fail every test I have, particularly the size test. I am old school and like watches, but I lean more towards a small, thin Skagen. Even the smallest of wearables, to me, would be like strapping an iPad to your arm and calling it jewelry. We are starting to see some innovation here. The Moto 360 is beautiful, but still huge. Let's hope Moore's law kicks into the space soon and we see a sleek, attractive, useful product. Maybe it is the iWatch. We'll see.

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