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Capital Markets

Reports | Feb 26th 2021 | Cubillas Ding

Droit Adept: Advancing Global Regulatory Compliance & Real Time Controls

Reports | Feb 24th 2021 | Brad Bailey

The Future of the Capital Markets Application Stack

Reports | Feb 19th 2021 | Monica Summerville

Future of the Front Office: Voice Activated Trading?

Blogs | Feb 6th 2021 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

Becoming a Tech Leader in the New Normal

Reports | Jan 22nd 2021 | Brad Bailey

Outsourced Trading: The Buy Side Front Office as a Service

Blogs | Jan 13th 2021 | Neil Katkov

The Growing Case for Fraud and AML Convergence

Blogs | Jan 7th 2021 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

Alternative Benchmarks for a New Normal

Reports | Jan 1st 2021 | Cubillas Ding

Implementing Solutions For Derivatives and XVA Management

Blogs | Dec 11th 2020 | Andrew Schwartz

Considering COVID-19's Impact on NAV Oversight and Contingency

Reports | Dec 8th 2020 | Monica Summerville

Top Tech Trends in Capital Markets for 2021

Blogs | Dec 6th 2020 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

Future of Cloud in Financial Services

Blogs | Dec 3rd 2020 | Brad Bailey

A Year of Extremes

Reports | Nov 30th 2020 | Brad Bailey

The Future of Fixed Income Technology

Reports | Nov 27th 2020 | Cubillas Ding

Turbo-charging change in derivatives and XVA Management: Nextgen stacks, opensource & platformication

Blogs | Nov 25th 2020 | Cubillas Ding

Looking at the future of derivatives and XVA management

Reports | Nov 23rd 2020 |

The Fed's LIBOR Game Changer, An Oliver Wyman Report

Reports | Nov 23rd 2020 |

Navigating the Long Haul to Normalcy

Reports | Nov 21st 2020 | Eiichiro Yanagawa


Blogs | Oct 29th 2020 | Cubillas Ding

3-5 players set to shape the future of investment operations

Reports | Oct 28th 2020 | Cubillas Ding

Briefing Note: SS&C Singularity for Investment Accounting

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