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Capital Markets

Reports | Jul 25th 2021 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

The Dawn of Open Platforms in Capital Markets

Blogs | Jul 20th 2021 | Daniel W. Latimore

Google Trends Has Nothing on Celent's Metadata!

Webinars, Videos | Jul 14th 2021 | Awaad Aamir, Patricia Hines, CTP, Neil Katkov, Daniel W. Latimore, Dan McCoach, Bob Meara, Arin Ray, Andrew Schwartz, Monica Summerville

The Customer Engagement Imperative in Financial Services Webinar

Reports | Jul 12th 2021 | Monica Summerville

State of Play: Capital Markets & Crypto

Reports | Jul 12th 2021 | Brad Bailey

ING: A 360 - Degree Buy to Build Technology Approach

Reports | Jul 8th 2021 | Cubillas Ding

Operational Alpha on the Buyside: Strategic Levers to Exploit “Ecosystem in a Box” Paradigms

Blogs | Jul 7th 2021 | Daniel W. Latimore

Accepting submissions for Celent’s Model Awards Program 2022

Reports | Jun 30th 2021 | Brad Bailey

The Future of FX Technology

Reports | Jun 21st 2021 | Brad Bailey

CIO Market Infrastructure Survey 2021

Blogs | Jun 20th 2021 | Monica Summerville

Capital markets front office - cloud's final frontier?

Blogs | Jun 7th 2021 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

The new normal in 2021: Has your IT strategy shifted gears from survive to thrive?

Webinars, Videos | Jun 1st 2021 | Daniel W. Latimore, Jamie Macgregor

Innovation & Insight Week 2021: Plenary Session Replay

Webinars, Videos | May 19th 2021 | Brad Bailey, Cubillas Ding, Monica Summerville

Capital Markets Innovation Series: Pitch Perfect

Blogs | Apr 29th 2021 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

Recap of Model Award Winner Case Studies 2021 | Accelerate!

Reports | Apr 28th 2021 | Monica Summerville, Brad Bailey

Future of the Front Office: View from the Buy Side

Reports | Apr 27th 2021 | Monica Summerville

Financial Institutions Get Smart About Data (Fabric)

Reports | Apr 18th 2021 | Cubillas Ding

Operational Alpha on the Buyside: Crystal balling future hybrid provider propositions and ecosystem innovations

Reports | Apr 13th 2021 |

Corporate & Investment Banks: Striving to Sustain Returns

Blogs | Apr 13th 2021 | Patricia Hines, CTP

Doubling Down on Transaction Banking: How Banks can Reassert their Leadership Position

Reports | Apr 4th 2021 | Cubillas Ding

Operational Alpha on the Buyside: Riding New Waves from Front-to-Back Technology, Data, ESG and Outsourcing

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