Snap Poll: LHA Accelerated Underwriting

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3 March 2021

Available Only for Members of the NA Celent Insurance Research Panel


Snap polls reflect questions asked by members of the Celent Executive Research Panel, a group of over 265 C level executives the life insurance industry representing approximately 250 life insurance companies. Questions for a snap poll come from one of the other members of the panel. This snap poll was conducted February 26 to March 1, 2021. 15 insurers responded to this survey over the course of 48 hours.

The question that was posed was:


This member of the research panel has a question about what other insurers are doing about automated underwriting, which technologies are used or planned, and if COVID had any impact on their underwriting.


  1. Does your company currently use any technology to automate underwriting decisions (i.e. technology automation or rules to either aid underwriting decisions or to make straight through or no-touch, final underwriting decisions for life and/or annuity product applications)? Yes/No
    • Which lines of business : Life insurance, Annuities, Both or othe
    • If so is it home grown, from a vendor, or from a reinsurer or is it a combination of these
    • What have been the greatest benefits of this system
    • What have been the biggest issues with it?
    • What was or do you anticipate the payback period to be?
  2. If you don’t use an automated underwriting technology, is your company considering one?
    • Will it be home grown, from a vendor, from a reinsurer, or a combination?
    • What is your time line for making a decision?
    • What has inhibited you from implementing it before now?
    • Why are you doing it now? Or why not?
  3. Have you implemented or do you plan implement technology for accelerated underwriting?
  4. How has COVID 19 impacted underwriting?

About Celent’s Research Panel

The Celent Research Panel is a free knowledge sharing resource for senior technology and operations executives at insurers in North America.It provides an easy way for executives to share information, obtain quantitative data, and learn from each otherthrough regular ongoing surveys, snap polls, round tables, and webinars.If you are interested in joining the Celent research panel, you can reach out to Karlyn Carnahan kcarnahan@celent.comor Dan McCoach