What Does Bruce Willis Have to do With Banking?

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2 December 2010


  • Hilarious, Jacob. Maybe its because of Die Hard. Ol' John McClane is so trustworthy!

  • Funny, thx Jacob

  • Well if "Trust" is the name of the bank (and not necessarily a quality), and it's just like Bruce Willis, then it's hard to really say what that means. But even if you take it at face value, given that most Russians are probably used to being swindled, a hammy American actor is probably a safer bet to trust with your money than, say, most Russian politicians or business leaders.

  • Jacob: I think Willis is a brilliant choice. Who would you have selected for them??? Please post your TOP 3 candidates for the job.

    I think Willis might be a good guy to go out and drink vodka and he is tough, so he can help out in a pinch. That would seem to meet all the 'trustworthy' requirements for the average depositor in Russia.

  • Thanks all for your comments.

    Walter - maybe Regis and Kelly ;) or your Governator? In all seriousness I really don't know, but I think your face is more trustworthy after viewing the trailer for Bandits.

    I do agree with Kenneth though that with all the corruption in Russia maybe a familiar American just feels right. Although one may argue that the fee for a famous actor resembles corruption!

  • So the Russian market must have a different opinion of what trust should be. Bruce's characters are usually brash, hard hitting rogues. They intend to do right but sometimes a lot of collateral damage must be accepted. I don't think this would fly in the USA. That said, if the former Mrs. Willis (Demi) endorsed a bank, sign me up!

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  • Yeah Bruce would be a great option now that Demi is off his back, it's easier for him to walk barefooted on glass now.