Would OBeP be iDEAL for the UK Market? A Guide for the Decision-Makers

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7 December 2010
Zilvinas Bareisis


eWise and VocaLink have announced a partnership to develop eWise payo, an Online Banking e-Payments (OBeP) solution, and they plan to launch it in the UK during 2011. This report explores the feasibility of such a solution in the UK.

The growth of e-commerce around the world has resulted in a proliferation of online payment methods. Cards remain the preferred online payment method in many countries; however, a number of markets around the world have adopted solutions which enable consumers to pay for goods and services online via their online banking facilities (e.g., iDEAL in the Netherlands).

In a new report, Would OBeP be iDEAL for the UK Market?, Celent explores the feasibility of OBeP in the UK, by first reviewing the market and then assessing OBeP using Celent’s proprietary framework to evaluate a new payment solution.

“OBeP can be a very attractive payment instrument for all major parties, including consumers, financial institutions and merchants,” says Zilvinas Bareisis, Senior Analyst with Celent’s Banking Group and author of the report. “In the UK, given the dominance of cards and, increasingly, PayPal, financial institutions hold the key to the success of eWise payo. Their consumer and merchant relationships and willingness to invest in shifting consumer payment habits will be crucial in creating the necessary network effects.”

The report is intended for anyone interested in:

  • The UK e-commerce and payments markets
  • A taxonomy and examples of various OBeP solutions around the world
  • Celent's new proprietary framework to evaluate a new payments solution
  • Application of this framework to evaluate OBeP and eWise payo
  • Advice to UK financial institutions considering payo adoption

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