Featured Analyst: Stephen Greer

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29 March 2018
Stephen Greer

Stephen Greer, our Banking team’s newest Senior Analyst, has focused his 7 years at Celent advising clients on digital and emerging technologies. When he's not on a plane headed to explore all the wonders of the world, you’ll likely find Stephen climbing in Long Island City, playing tennis by the East River, or shooting pool in the East Village.

Where do you call home?

I currently call New York home. I am originally from East San Francisco Bay Area. I have also lived in Madrid, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco.

Do you have a favorite place you’ve traveled?

Virunga National Park, Congo was probably one of the most interesting.

Do you have any pets?

Only plants. Although growing up I had a ton--lizards, rabbits, frogs, birds, hamsters, etc.

Favorite Hobby?

Anything outdoors (fly fishing, camping/backpacking, rock climbing). One of my life's ambitions is to do high alpine mountain climbing, specifically, Denali in Alaska.

What was the last song you danced to?

Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long

Favorite Food/ Dish?

A Mission burrito from San Francisco.

How has your childhood prepared you for the work you do now?

I’ve always had a pretty diverse set of interests growing up. Typical activities like playing sports, but also less typical things that sparked an interest...

After reading An Omnivores Dilemma, a friend of mine and I got really into foraging. We picked chanterelle mushrooms in the foothills around the bay area, foraged for edible plants. I briefly got into building remote control helicopters until one of the batteries exploded. For a long time, I did sculpting, which I still occasionally do.

The point is: the work I do now mirrors the excitement I had growing up discovering these interests. There’s a constant supply of new topic areas to explore and evolving challenges to tackle. The diversity makes it interesting.

What’s up next for your research?

Coming up I'm going to be looking at chatbots and other applications of AI technology in financial services. I've recently been involved in a couple projects related to open banking and plan to explore how that's affecting business models. I'm also focusing some effort on understanding how traditional institutions are building and operating digital subsidiaries.

What does being an analyst mean?

I think one of the most important aspects of the work I do is being a trusted advisor on a wide variety of topics. Sometimes that’s simply validating a belief. Other times it’s introducing an entirely different idea that hadn’t been considered. The world is an increasingly more complicated place, which is at times both fascinating and frustrating. There are very few problems that can be adequately solved alone.

What do you love about your work?

It’s always satisfying to see the work you’ve done lead to real change. There have been multiple times where I’ve worked with large institutions to put together best practices or define strategies that later were put into practice or launched as pilot programs. Seeing an ad on TV for an app or a feature that you helped influence can take what, at times, is a very abstract line of work and turn it into something much more tangible.


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