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The ServisBOT Conversational AI Platform, provides a suite of tools and services that enable businesses to easily build chatbots + natural language solutions, improving inbound/outbound customer/employee engagement across the org across all channels (web, mobile, SMS, social, smart speakers, voice and IVR). The platform is built on an enterprise-grade architecture that supports centralized security, integration and deployment.

We have created bot blueprint suites for banking, insurance and other horizontal areas of focus across the business, like employee engagement and customer service. Unwrap our blueprints and modify them to meet your business needs. Our blueprints help you create bot experiences for a growing range of use cases across your business

How does it it all work?

The Virtual Assistant (VA) : We think of the VA as the brain of the engagement, handling all conversations with the user, orchestrating other bots that are skilled to carry out specific missions. Our VA can understand the high level intent of the user and then routes accordingly to a bot, or bots, that can execute on this. The VA also handles identity, language, escalation, and decision-making.

An Army of Bots: Our bots perform different business tasks, engaging with customers or employees to process transactions, access information, schedule appointments, manage applications, send alerts, and more. They can handle inbound requests but also engage proactively. They can operate alone or together to complete a complete user journey.

Bot Building Made Easier: The platform tooling supports business users as well as enterprise developers. Our bot blueprints and visual design tools enable the business to get their bots to market faster. There is also tooling for enterprise developers to build and test bots for scale and automate bot deployment.

Automate Customer and Employee Journeys : Our bots work for your business, streamlining complete journeys and automating business workflows. We provide an integration layer to inject enterprise data securely into conversation flow to enhance the user experience and improve business outcomes.

Make your Bots Smarter : Capabilities can be added to each bot over time to make them more successful. Whether it’s learning new skills, different languages, or making small talk, we help make your bots smarter. Our bot orchestration approach is also critical to raising the bot IQ, faster and more efficiently. Different Journeys,

Multiple Channels : Smart bots can be built for both inbound and outbound journeys for any industry, from insurance to banking, financial services, travel, healthcare, consumer goods, customer service and more. They can be created for many different use cases across the business, interacting through multiple channels, and in many languages.

Here are some of the many benefits of our platform:

Speed to Market : Your business can build bots quickly and easily with tools such as the visual designer, pre-built bot blueprints, CLI and SDK. Get your bots to market faster and improve digital engagement.

Boost Business Results: Depending on the use case, bots can deliver different business results, for example, faster resolution times, increased revenue, lower costs, improved cash flow, new revenue streams, reduced churn, faster turnaround times, and improved brand loyalty.

Reduce Human Intervention and Lower Costs: Using bots to automate the tasks that make up a customer or employee journey, the costs associated with human staffing or agents can be dramatically reduced.

Engage across Multiple Channels 24/7: Using voice, messaging, SMS, web, and/or email, users can engage in their preferred channel and move seamlessly across channels.

Increase Brand Loyalty and Stickiness: By using the platform to build bots and the Virtual Assistant to orchestrate and manage them, you can create consistent experiences across use cases, business departments, geographic regions and digital channels.