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What is Meditation?

Meditation is not an act, it is mentally and physically doing nothing. It's a total relaxed state of your mind and your body.

Meditation is just waiting, resting, and a state of no action. This is your natural state or your own state that you have forgotten.

Think of the child in the mother’s womb, really doing nothing. That was a nine-month meditation journey and the child was utterly happy. In fact, because of that blissfulness, one always feels suffering in life and seeks peace but never finds. Meditation is the process of returning to that state where you were not doing anything but just were conscious.

All the blissfulness and pleasures come when you have zero thoughts. For example, while having sex you enjoy and feel some blissfulness but do you know from where that blissfulness comes? That blissfulness is due to no extra thoughts in your mind. You fill with blissfulness and enjoyment when you don't have any thoughts in your mind. While having the sex, in the last state
(ejaculation state), your thoughts become absolutely zero, and at that instant, you feel an ultimate bliss and pleasure. But that bliss is for less than a millisecond, you cannot taste that bliss that's why you again go through the sex in the next day. So no one can get rid of sex, it becomes repetitive in nature due to thatmillisecondbliss.