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Intellect Design Arena Ltd, is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services. A uniquely focused Products business, the $191 million Intellect Design Arena, is a specialist in applying true Digital Technologies and designing advanced technology products for global financial platforms. Across global consumer banking (iGCB), Central Banking, Risk, Treasury & Markets (iRTM), Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) and Insurance (Intellect SEEC), Intellect provides full spectrum, fully integrated products that run in over 200 financial institutions, across 30 countries.

With over 4000 solution architects, domain and technology specialists, backed with over 25 years of deep domain expertise, Intellect is the brand progressive financial institutions rely on for transformation initiatives. Our aggressively customer-centric design philosophy has enabled the engineering of agile holistic digital solutions, with full lifecycle enablement and industry-leading performance assurances.

Experience Digital 360

As banks and insurance companies embrace digital for competitive advantage, they’re all focused on the same goal. To provide their customers the same experience at every touch point. It takes Intellect to make this an extraordinary digital experience. Inside and out.

Digital encompasses all types of banking. Its holistic adoption covers Digital OUTSIDE (the customer experience driver) and Digital INSIDE (the operational excellence enabler).

Our Digital OUTSIDE proposition is anchored around same experiences at all touch points, through a powerful Channel Renovation Platform(Canvas), built on iDigital.

Our Digital INSIDE proposition is anchored around Lean Operations, through an Operational Consolidation Platform (Hubs), built on iDigital.

Uniquely total customer-centric Intellect design philosophy ensures a dramatic shift from disjointed digital activities to strategically aligned digital outcomes.

Intellect drives winning digital design. The Intellect promise is a commitment along five BOTIS dimensions.

The Intellect Promise

A product company must ask itself, “What is it that I promise my customers?” Intellect has a formidable array of sophisticated products for banking, insurance and financial services. There is one unifying promise against which all we do must stand scrutiny – create value for the businesses we serve! We are able to consistently do this through our domain expertise; the application of design thinking in understanding our clients’ businesses and the challenges they must overcome - the patterns and anti-patterns involved, from our global experience in knowing what works and what does not, across Asia, Africa, Europe, America, in developed and evolving markets, identified by the time and manner of their adoption of financial technology.

BOTIS and its five dimensions specify the Intellect promise we live up to in all our products and demonstrably visible across all our customer engagements.

Business Growth: More customers per product. More products per customer. More transactions per customer.

Operational Efficiency: Lean operations plus customer experience results in not digital 60, 90 or 120, but Digital 360. Operational efficiency is about Designing and Building Lean Operations.

High Performance Technology: The latest technology, the least coding required, and a 20 year technology lifecycle commitment.

Implementation Certainty: Honouring commitments we make is hardwired in the Intellect DNA and assured by the D-3OTIF framework.

Full Lifecycle Support: Our ability to provide technology lifecycle support is based on our long-term commitment to drive value for the financial services industry. Deep Design Differentiation makes this possible.

Our Investments

Investment in SOA: Our early commitment to Smart Legacy Modernisation (SLM) with a strong Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) core, ensured smooth ‘change the business’, while continuing to ‘run the business’ initiatives for clients. Such a promise would be impractical to deliver without a proven and reliable set of services that can co-exist with legacy systems.

The origins of the Intellect investment in SOA lie in Intellect GeneS (generalised services) – the IT building blocks for financial services. It was refined and designed with an emphasis on modularity and re-use. The Smart Build approach adopted SOA to transform legacy systems and break down limiting silos.

Investment in L0–L4 Business Process Modelling: In 2008, we published a comprehensive domain decomposition of banking and insurance. This connected business and technology and made cross-functional conversations more meaningful. The approach helped in internal initiatives to build domain expertise in engineers. This abstraction of all processes in a periodic table-like framework became instantly recognisable in the industry. The schema was a vivid demonstration of knowledge shelving and wiring. Over time, the L0 at an elemental process, deeper sub-process and technical drill downs to L2 through L4; became the single chart of which solution design conversations were conducted. And a powerful workshop tool in identifying white spaces and priority focus areas.

Investment in FT 8012 Design Center: The FT 8012 Design Center is a physical manifestation of enterprise commitment to design. The first such facility of its kind in the industry was set up in Chennai, India, and opened for collaborative workshops in 2013. On one hand, internally the facility helps institutionalise design thinking across the enterprise. On the other, it powerfully connects dots between Business, Technology and Operations, and accelerates the transformation change process for customers. This is where the total Digital 360 journey can be holistically approached, with equal emphasis on Digital OUTSIDE and Digital INSIDE technologies, allowing for adoption in a gradual outcome based manner.

Investment in Digital Transformative Technologies: Digital is the way forward. Intellect has designed and implemented digital transformative technologies for leading banks and other financial services organisations around the world. It drives digital transformation through two Digital Transformative Technologies: Digital INSIDE (Hub Technology) and Digital OUTSIDE (Canvas Technology).