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Information is power. But in today’s world, yesterday’s information is passé; Real-time, contextual information is power. Cazaayan aims to empower you with information that matters in today’s age – real time, when you need it, where you need it and how you need it. Our range of products and solutions deliver information quickly, instantly, and reliably to help you stay one step ahead of the world and your competition.  We draw inspiration and, in fact, even our name from the river Cagayan that flows through Philippines and is known for its tempestuous waters and white water rafting. Cagayan, for us, is a symbol of speed, excitement, and relentlessness. We’re almost always asked the question, “What does the name Cazaayan mean?” And that question gives us a chance to open every conversation by stating our guiding philosophy - speed, excitement, and relentless commitment to service – our customers, our stakeholders, and our employees.