Oncology Analytics

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Today’s cancer treatments are varied, complicated and costly. Over the last five years anti-cancer drug costs in the U.S have increased by 88%, reaching $44B. By 2021, global cancer drugs expenditures are expected to exceed $147B. As costs continue to spiral, Health plans, providers and patients face a collective challenge when trying to determine the best, cost-effective course of treatment. Oncology Analytics provides the critical missing link for health plans by helping to manage the total cost of cancer care. By providing access to current, evidence-based, disease-specific analytics on all cancer types and treatment options, backed by board-certified oncology physicians and pharmacists, Oncology Analytics enables health plans to provide their members with the ability to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Utilization Management, Purpose Built for Oncology

It has been estimated that oncologists would need 29 hours a day to keep up with the research and findings of new cancer treatments that enter the market each day. Oncology Analytics relieves this burden through a combination of technology-enabled services, supported by our dedicated clinical team of board-certified oncology physicians and pharmacists.

e-Prior Authorization

Oncology Analytics e-Prior Authorization platform is purpose built for oncology to efficiently evaluate and approve high-quality and high-value treatments for cancer care. The platform is updated daily to accurately reflect more than 6,000 oncology treatment protocols for anti-cancer treatment across all cancer types and stages, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, precision medicine, targeted therapy, and supportive care. Using a simple user interface, physicians enter their treatment recommendation and receive an automatic authorization if their request is within recognized guidelines. Ninety percent of treatment requests are approved automatically or with limited follow up.

Requested treatments that are outside of the guidelines receive further review from the Oncology Analytics Clinical Team. The Clinical Team then collaborates with the physician to ensure that the treatment is optimized to the individual patient. All treatment protocols contained within the e-Prior Authorization platform are reviewed and scored by our Clinical Team for efficacy, toxicity and affordability. New FDA approved indications for treatment and newly published cancer research are immediately entered into the system.

Specialty Oncology Case Review

Specialty Oncology Case Reviews provide a guaranteed “second opinion” for the patient. While sometimes costly treatments represent the best quality of care, there are often less costly and equally efficacious alternatives. For complex patient cases, our clinical team facilitates peer-to-peer reviews which may include in depth reviews by our Distinguished Academic Advisory Board. These Specialty Oncology Case Reviews help identify optimal treatment options based on each patient’s unique situation.

Treating oncologists have the opportunity to discuss their patients’ case with board certified oncologists, radiation oncologists, hematologists and pharmacists. This process ensures high-quality of care and a positive ROI for our health plan partners.

Cancer Care Insights & Analytics

Oncology Analytics constantly reviews new and existing oncology drug therapies and their outcomes and adverse effects, to provide further insight and analytics that can aid in the development and improvement of cancer care. Our analytics and tools help create mutually beneficial relationships with providers through incentives that encourage evaluating treatment options from the perspectives of efficacy, toxicity, and cost.

For example, most payment methodologies encourage the use of high-cost drugs since profitability increases as the cost of the drug rises. Oncology Analytics helps realign financial motivations by normalizing the fee on high dollar therapy while increasing the incentives on value-based drug utilization.Oncology Analytics is also able to provide benchmarking and provider comparative analyses that give insights into our clients’ performance within their provider network as well as their performance relative to other plans.Oncology Analytics, Inc. provides health plans with an evidence-based,technology driven approach to utilization management, which is purpose built for oncology. Used by physicians to support over 2.5 million health plan members in theUS and Puerto Rico, the Oncology Analytics e-Prior Authorization platform is updated daily to accurately reflect more than 6,000 oncology treatment protocols for anti-cancer treatment across all cancer types and stages, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, precision medicine, targeted therapy and supportive care.