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To succeed in today’s 21-century payments environment, financial organisations must deliver a continuous stream of new and flawless payment options, channels, and types at speed and without risk. Demand for innovation in global financial services has never been so high.

To achieve this, businesses need robust end-to-end testing more than ever before. Renovite believes the ability to automate objective test plans using the right test application and technology enables organisations to respond to these demands effectively; documenting, executing and testing payment systems with absolute confidence.

Renovite’s cloud-native test solution Reno-Test delivers automated quality assurance for mission-critical systems across multiple business domains. It is an end-to-end cloud-native test automation tool that complements agile system life cycles. Reno-Test provides an integrated suite of test frameworks for mobile, UI, API, and performance testing with an intuitive user interface and a powerful centralised scripting capability suitable for any size of business.

Key Features

·Integrated test suite: Reno-Test forms a complete test suite with fully automated UI, Performance, Mobile and API testing, delivering functional end-to-end testing using the same integrated toolkit for all testing requirement.

·Object locator technology: Reno-Test allows you to create scripts that are compatible with any test environment. They can be used across all browser types, operating systems, mobile devices, and application versions without the risk of copy-and-paste errors.

·Natural language test scripts: Test teams can write natural language test cases quickly and easily in a Behaviour Driver Development (BDD) format from within Reno-Test and without the need to learn multiple, often complex programming languages, improving results and making efficient use of resources.

·Configurable load profiles:Accurately model real-world processing demands, giving you realistic insights and returning meaningful diagnostics from test cases. Users can effectively identify and resolve memory leaks, bottlenecks and other errors.

·Fully integrated suite: Reno-Test’s integrated design complements an agile system life cycle and accelerates the growth of test coverage and testing speed and accuracy, surpassing other test tools available on the market.

·Seamless integration: Reno-Test is highly extensible allowing a seamless integration with most specialised test tools in the market. Integrate with collaborative tools and check analysis reports directly from Reno-Test. Leverage the centralised test orchestration and reporting capabilities of Reno-Test while maximising the expanded testing capabilities.

·Link test scripts: Reno-Test’s cloud-native architecture utilises the metadata objects from the test target to build comprehensive automation scripts which are linked across an array of technologies, interfaces and channels for the complete testing of end-to-end workflows.

·Jira integration:By integrating with Jira, Reno-Test lets you plan, distribute, prioritise, and track testing and development, giving you a powerful and effective means of managing your product lifecycle. It is highly customisable and can be moulded to fit any DevOps workflow.

·Intuitive reporting: Reno-Test’s live dashboard reporting mechanism offers detailed insights after a test has been executed. It stores test information such as execution statistics, error messages, and trace logs allowing for an in-depth post-analysis of test results from a central dashboard.

Key Benefits

·Faster testing: Reno-Test’s cloud-native architecture allows you to automate the end-to-end testing your entire payments system at pace. It eliminates the need for manual testing and aligns with all the advantages of cloud technology including faster set-up, execution and results, giving you a significant competitive advantage when bringing products to market.

·Time and cost efficiency: Reno-Test lets you manage all your testing requirements from one central application. The Total Cost of Ownership is reduced by eliminating the need to integrate, maintain and continually upgrade ad-hoc niche tools and licences from multiple vendors, and it reduces the number of man-hours required to manage the testing process.

·Scalability: Thanks to its cloud-native design, Reno-Test lets users bypass the restrictions of in-house test architecture. You can dig deeper and for longer without hardware restrictions, scaling up or down according to your requirements converting CapEx into OpEx thanks to the elastic nature of cloud technology.

·Improved collaboration: Reno-Test boosts productivity by creating test scripts that work in any environment which can then be shared across multiple test teams, saving you valuable time and resources by allowing you to easily reuse and extend test cases as your payments system evolves.

·Meaningful diagnostics: Reno-Test provides insightful test reports, rather than binary pass/fail responses to test queries. These result reports help you to troubleshoot and identify potential errors and the likelihood of their occurrence further down the line, identifying and eliminating them before they can happen.

·Trusted support: Reno-Test is built by testing and payments experts with an average of 25-years industry experience. You will receive support and guidance from Renovite’s team of trusted testing experts on-demand.

Product modules

Reno-Test UI

Go hands free: Supports the recording and playback of test scenarios. Recorded tests can be used as templates to be updated and reused across projects

Create scripts with ease: Provides a fast and easy way to create plain language scripts using “drag & drop” to assemble built-in actions for conditional logic, delay management or results logging

End-to-End automation: Supports the automation of all system interactions, including the user interface, browsers and mobile applications. It can also integrate emulators for devices such as ATM and POS terminals

GUI object recognition: Includes a GUI object recognition tool, which enables it to automatically identify and test objects irrespective of positional changes

Reno-Test Mobile

Replicate scripts with ease: Create unified scripts in the same structure for testing native, hybrid and web-based mobile applications

Mobile device simulation and emulation: Test emulated mobile devices or physical devices with supported operating systems to test and evaluate the performance of mobile applications under real-world conditions

Multiple devices: Test smartphone and tablet applications in conjunction with transaction processing systems

Reno-Test API

Everything in one place: Re-use test artefacts through linking test data, such as cards, functions, field level validations

Built-in functions: Users can rapidly create robust tests from more than 150 built-in functions

Reno-Test API remembers: Capability to store card information and other crucial test parameters that can be called in the future

Multi-protocol support: Includes standard simulations for formats such as ISO Host-to-Host messages, global card schemes, core banking systems and card management systems

Reno-Test Performance

Load generator: A fully loaded capacity-testing system that validates messages from the specified ISO/JSON/XML/RAW (ETL Files)/GRPC format over the same protocols utilised in production



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