Treasury Management Onboarding

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Deluxe’s Treasury Management Onboarding solution combines electronic document origination, document imaging and automated workflow technology to help banks reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and free sales teams to spend more time improving the customer experience.

The solution completes, in hours, the tasks for which today’s paper-reliant processes require multiple days. Similarly, managing documents electronically does away with the need to make multiple trips to the customer, co-workers’ desks and copiers, printers and fax machines. Staff will spend at least 10 to 15 percent less time on fulfillment processes.

Key Features

Provide stakeholders real-time insight into status, issues, and areas for improvement.

  • Dynamic Real-time SLA Tracking that supports changes throughout the process to ensure performance efficiency and accurate reporting
  • Single Platform for the entire onboarding process allows for Sales and Management to easily see progress at any time
  • Automated Notifications to Sales and other stakeholders at key process points
  • Process Enforcement through task-based checklists that ensure requirements are met for each stage of onboarding

Reduce duplicate and unnecessary entry of information and accelerate processing.

  • Salesforce Integration allows users to initiate the onboarding process directly from the CRM interface
  • CRM Integration to keep information in-sync in TMO without manual updates
  • Host System Integration for account selection during data entry
  • Multiple Built-in Integration Methods including web service, flat file, xml, and SQL to accommodate nearly any system
  • Robust API for data interchange with other solutions
  • Billing Line Item Export provides an automated file to ensure timely and accurate billing

Automate generation and delivery of agreements and addendums.

  • Automated Agreement and Addendum Generation using the information collected on the setup forms eliminates duplicate data entry and the time-consuming task of creating these documents
  • Template-Based Contract Configuration allows for easy maintenance of ever-changing agreement and addendums setup
  • Automated Delivery of Contracts when they are generated to increase process speed and reduce manual effort
  • Electronic Signing through multiple channels such as DocuSign, signature pad, or touch
    screen tablet

Enable the customer by giving them the means to interact with TMO directly.

  • Straight Through Processing by allowing customers initiate basic maintenance directly from the online banking portal
  • Customer Convenience enables the customer to quickly initiate
  • Documentation Upload through online banking integration eliminates email

Insight into every part of the onboarding process.

  • Interactive Dashboard Reports provide an overall view of the process with the ability to drill down into any part of it
  • Point & Click Dashboard Designer for quickly creating customized reports
  • In-Depth SLA Reporting including gap analysis reporting and current request progress reports
  • Suggested Selling Intelligence improves customer experience during the sale and allows Sales view of additional opportunity
  • Revenue Reporting

Single platform to manage content and processes.

  • Automated Workflow Processes to manage a complicated business process
  • Automatic Barcodes to facilitate remote signing where electronic signatures are not possible
  • Documents and Information Stored in a Central Location and immediately available through a variety of search options
  • Document Capture through various channels including scanning, upload, batch import, and integration points
  • Complete Audit History of all activity across all content
  • Records Management to meet legal retention requirements
  • Maintain the TMO solution with codeless development

Maintain the TMO solution with codeless development.

  • Smart Forms Logic Engine for Point-and-click configurable form validation logic
  • Create New Product Setup Forms in a drag-and-drop interface
  • Manage Process Routing and Notifications in an easy to use designer
  • Reduce IT Dependencies with flexible process logic configuration and maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Treasury Management Onboarding enables sales teams to focus less on mundane tasks such as completing paperwork and tracking an implementation and more on improving the customer experience.
    A paperless treasury solution allows salespeople to easily create master agreements using an intuitive forms tool that eliminates the need to enter the same information multiple times or to cut-and-paste verbiage from Word documents. Multiple service agreements can dynamically be combined into one agreement, including any legalese associated with a service.

  • Salespeople can bring the agreements with them to customer meetings on an iPad or a laptop.
    Clients can review documents using the iPad gestures to zoom or flip through pages. If a customer requests edits to an agreement, salespeople can use a stylus to quickly initiate the changes, without ever leaving the client’s office. Similarly, service agreements can be initiated “on the fly” for spur-of the-moment sales. While documents reside on the iPad, they are encrypted to secure sensitive data. And the camera on the iPad may be used to capture photos or digital images of related documents and attach them to the agreement so that client documents always stay together. All of this creates a “wow” factor.

  • Deploying a paperless solution doesn’t require banks to turn their business upside down.
    They can keep their existing processes and forms, while becoming more productive and efficient.

  • With a paperless treasury solution, multiple signatures can be applied to an agreement electronically using an iPad or a signature pad.
    Signed documents and any related scanned paperwork can instantly be sent to a bank’s central operations over a 3G connection or via a VPN connection using Wi-Fi (the documents will arrive at the bank’s operations before the sales person gets back to the office).

  • Once documents are sent back to the bank, they automatically enter a workflow where they are electronically routed for approvals and implementation. The bank can configure the workflow to its unique business rules and process standards, ensuring that documents are routed to the appropriate processing staff and that services are delivered on time. Since signed agreements and related documents are routed electronically, processors always have the required information at their fingertips. What’s more, multiple products can be setup simultaneously, without the need to photocopy a single sheet of paper.

  • Replacing manual processes with the electronic routing of service agreements and related documents speeds order fulfillment, and, in turn, accelerates time-to-revenue.
    A paperless treasury solution completes in four hours or less the tasks for which today’s paper reliant processes require two to four days. Similarly, managing documents electronically does away with the need to make multiple trips between co-workers’ desks and copiers, printers and fax machines. Staff will spend at least 10 to 15 percent less time on fulfillment processes.

  • Salespeople can receive updates via e-mail when client services are approved and implemented.
    Reports and a real-time dashboard help identify potential bottlenecks. And the entire process is tracked (with an audit trail) to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • A paperless treasury environment virtually eliminates the chance of lost or mis-filed documents, abolishes the need for physical document storage, and improves access to archived documents.
    A paperless solution indexes documents automatically, reducing data entry errors, expediting documentation tracking, and automating the audit process.

  • Digital documentation and electronic signature capture increases customer privacy and security, guarantees document authenticity, and increases compliance with government standards and audit practices.
    With a paperless treasury solution, banks will be prepared if federal regulators require a record of the risk information disclosed to customers.



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