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Technology Priorities, Strategy and Spending

It has never been more important to ensure you’re getting maximum value from your technology spending. Use Celent’s unique primary insights and data to validate your strategy and enhance your investment plans. Our research, based on a survey of 1,000+ executives at financial institutions, provides granular insights into where your peers are focusing their technology investments, the product areas that will see the biggest changes, and where there are white space opportunities to exploit.

On-Demand IT Priorities & Strategy Webinars 2023

Want to hear more about the current state of technology strategy and investment prioritization in the industry? Our webinar series covers the drivers of technology planning in the market today, and what this means for you within the competitive landscape in the coming year.

Corporate Banking IT spending continues to grow strongly as global economies shake off the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic and banking industry challenges. To understand exactly what this means for the industry, Celent has completed its Corporate Banking IT Strategy Survey.

To shed light on the strategic and product-level technology priorities of the industry, Celent has once again run its Technology Insight and Strategy Survey. In capturing the insights and opinions of 228 senior executives across the industry, we have a granular view on the leading technology priorities for the year ahead, as well as the products and processes that will see the greatest change.

To produce our research on Wealth Management IT Spending, we surveyed 215 executives across the globe on including all the major geographical regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Central and Latin America. Data collected from our global respondents provides the foundation for our trend and benchmarking insights.

With this annual report, Celent examines business priorities, IT budgets, and investments being made by North American Property & Casualty CIOs.

Driving Insights Through Data

Navigate the challenges facing the industry via our new, enhanced approach for tracking financial institution IT priorities and spend. This study incorporates insights from surveys of 1,000+ industry executives, supporting our IT Priorities & Strategy Reports as well as our IT Spending reports for Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, and Risk.

We apply Celent’s deep industry expertise to design detailed surveys which generate unique insights into the technology and product trends in the coming 18 months.

Use this research to:

- Benchmark your own budgets, plans, and investment priorities
- Understand which product areas will see the greatest change in your markets
- Identify emerging opportunities and potentially leapfrog the competition

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