Quantifind for Investigations

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Save 30% of investigative time without sacrificing the rigor.

Today, still, financial crimes investigators spend a majority of their time collecting and curating data from various disparate data sets before even beginning any analysis. For external research in particular, investigators might separately search names on Google; search names on public social media sites; search names on public online company registers; and search names within a list of sanctioned and politically-exposed entities via a paid online portal. Putting aside the challenge of integrating the results across these sources, not one of them is truly optimized for the task at hand. Each will introduce its own unique type of noise in the form of false matches and irrelevant content. It is hard to imagine how this process could be made efficient or effective in producing quality, consistent results.

Quantifind for Investigations provides a single point of entry for all of the external data that might be relevant in a financial crimes investigation. Machine learning intelligence and data curation automation enables a consolidated view of external risk exposure with each search. Investigators save 30% of their time and regulators see a consistent report, every time.

Key Features

Quantifind automates the search and curation of external data, resolving all candidate results for both accuracy and relevancy before presenting a summary and its supporting evidence to the individual Investigator.

Quantifind’s Investigations solution addresses these challenges head-on with an intelligent and fully-automated service:

- Initially casting a wide net across the same range of potentially relevant external sources, candidate results are aggressively filtered for both accuracy and relevancy using artificial intelligence.

- The final search results are summarized as a set of Risk Factors.

- As desired, the Investigator may click through to Quantifind’s modern UI for detailed review and consolidated reporting. Overall a time savings of 30% is realized.

- Quantifind for Investigations is accessed either through API or a web-based UI and integrates directly with most case management platforms. In the enterprise version, Quantifind processes every name on every AML Case as it is created, leaving a digital dossier on the Investigator’s virtual desk before the Case is even opened.

Key Benefits

30% Investigator time savings: the investigator can focus on What Matters since results are already filtered and sorted for accuracy and relevance (no more paging through false positive matches and irrelevant information)

One Click Consolidated Search across a broad range of public and online data including social media profiles, company registration data, and leaks databases.

Assess Risk Exposure: reveal the Related Entities to a known individual or business that are surfaced from across the external data and rank ordered for risk and relevancy.