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Our Solutions: Relationship Management

Backstop's powerful CRM provides the ideal foundation for managing client and partner activities, investment documentation, research materials, and email communications in one central database.

  • Capture and share important notes, meetings, calls, and documents
  • Automatically synchronize contacts, and emails with seamless Outlook® integration
  • Restrict access by role or user type to ensure compliance with internal and external policies
  • Access crucial information, manage contacts and add notes on-the-go with Backstop Mobile

Backstop's Sales & Marketing Management capabilities allow for easy tracking and maintenance of sales pipelines and associated activities to support the capital raising process.

  • Manage interest levels, client types, and investment probabilities with a sales tool designed specifically for alternative asset managers
  • Integrate compliance into everyday workflow by auto-archiving marketing emails and watermarking fund marketing docs
  • Easily create and share reports and analytics to measure sales effectiveness

This solution also provides a Communication Management suite of software tools for driving more effective communications from an email campaign center to customized website portals.

  • Create and send unlimited email distributions to clients, prospects, and other contacts using the email center
  • Monitor message reads and forwards to evaluate marketing campaign success and to maintain your culture of compliance
  • Protect your clients and your firm by distributing reports, statements, K-1's, fund documentation, and more via a branded, secure online portal

Our Solutions: Investor Relations

Our offering covers Investor Account Management, Investor Relationship Management and Investor Reporting.

Backstop's powerful investor account management tools enable users to track and report on investor activity, liquidity and performance data.

  • Track individual subscriptions and redemptions on investor accounts
  • Monitor account performance and compare to industry benchmarks
  • Manage investor account liquidity, redemptions and notice dates
  • Run shadow administration with Backstop's optional Partnership Allocation Module

Investor Relationship Management sits at the core of this solution offering.  Backstop incorporates tools that help users to better manage client information, interactions, documentation, and communication - from emailing performance estimates to creating and distributing capital account statements.

  • Create and distribute personalized investor account statements
  • Build relationships between accounts and third-party contacts for efficient information sharing & reporting
  • Generate one-click investor account summary reports for meetings and email updates

Backstop's Investor Reporting tools provide instant access to the data you need to analyze investor accounts, fund performance, and more.

  • Monitor and report on your compliance with ERISA, 3c1 / 3c7 slots rules, and other essential fund level requirements
  • Report on historical management and incentive fees and account performance metrics on a tranche by tranche basis
  • Provide investors with access to account transaction, liquidity, performance, tax related information and other documentation via a secure, encrypted web portal

Our Solutions: Portfolio Management

Backstop's Portfolio Management solution was designed to provide fund of hedge funds and private equity fund of funds managers tools to effectively run their business.

  • Keep track of subscriptions and redemptions, capital commitments, calls, and distributions across portfolios and in multiple currencies
  • Build and share portfolio rebalancing and reallocation scenarios with the optional Portfolio Planning Module
  • Implement the General Ledger accounting module for complete accuracy and auditability

Backstop's sophisticated Liquidity Reporting tools handle even the most complex terms to provide clear insight into your portfolio.

  • Track lockups, notification / redemption dates, and apply gates and holdbacks with an interactive liquidity calendar
  • Run liquidity scenario reports to analyze different liquidity considerations based on manager strategy types and exposures
  • Easily break down and report on the most complex liquidity configurations with Backstop's Advanced Liquidity Module

Portfolio Analysis is provided by Backstop using out-of-the-box tools for measuring and reporting on manager attribution, portfolio performance and benchmark analytics.

  • Analyze manager and portfolio level performance against industry benchmarks and peer groups
  • Measure cumulative performance, net appreciation, manager and portfolio exposures, and much more
  • Build and share analytical reports for use in the software as well as through Backstop's Excel Toolkit or via Backstop's robust API

Our Solutions: Complete RMS Solution

Backstop offers a complete Research Management Solution, combining Qualitative, Quantitative and Subjective data tracking tools in one package.

Document & Activity Management is provided through Backstop's core CRM capabilities, which provide the perfect relational platform for storing and sharing documents, emails, meetings, calls and other activities in one location that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

  • Drag & drop documents, apply custom tags for easy reference, and link to multiple contacts, companies or funds
  • Quickly convert email attachments to individually linked documents with Backstop's Outlook® integration
  • Powerful keyword searching instantly scans every document in the system

Manager Selection & Due Diligence is also a key competency. Backstop makes it easy to manage ongoing due diligence and manager selection through qualitative and quantitative analysis in one centralized location.

  • Use Backstop to create templates to track data generally stored in Excel® or other cumbersome software tools to centralize information, eliminate redundancies and fuel comparative reporting
  • Monitor and report on qualitative & quantitative data points over time for monthly, quarterly, or annual due diligence
  • Share reports that highlight missing documents or data on managers to identify incomplete diligence and streamline workflow
  • Turn qualitative data and proprietary subjective analysis into quantitative measures for "apples-to-apples" comparisons and rankings

Furthermore, in addition to reporting on Qualitative Data, Backstop includes powerful performance analytics to assist with evaluating and monitoring managers from a quantitative perspective.

  • Track key metrics like exposures, AUM, returns and assign relevant benchmarks to funds
  • Compare current and potential investments using peer group analysis tools and a full library of statistics
  • Run up-to-date analysis on fund and holdings' performance along with index data from our Data Providers or other sources
  • Visualize liquidity opportunities and planned transaction effects on portfolios with Backstop's Portfolio Planning Module

Finally, Backstop offers a complete research management system, combining qualitative, quantitative and subjective data in dynamic reports to provide a 360 degree view of manager analysis.

  • Instantly generate fund analysis books to share research and performance data with Backstop Summary Book Reports or produce dynamic tear sheets with our Excel Toolkit
  • Automatically send fund research and related documents into a secure web-portal for distribution to clients, advisors or investment committee members with InvestorBridge
  • Export Integrate with other systems with Backstop's robust API

Our Solutions: InvestorBridge

InvestorBridge is a fully customizable, web-based reporting portal that helps to satisfy the increasingly heavy demands of investors for access to investment and portfolio related information.

InvestorBridge is ideal for delivering documents, fund research, and account information to investors and partners in a visually stunning, easy to use package. Our user permission system ensures that each visitor to your site receives only the information that is relevant to them. We also integrate other security features that rival an online banking experience.

  • Secure web-portal allows investors and potential investors to download privileged documents
  • Provides clients with online access to fund and account information, transaction history, current value and performance
  • Maintain & enhance your culture of compliance by tracking page views, document views, login frequency and discourage the redistribution of confidential information from your site with PDF Watermarking

Designed specifically with Investor Reporting in mind, InvestorBridge is the perfect solution for IR professionals looking to provide investors with online access to account, fund and marketing information.

  • Offer investors secure online access to account statements, partner letters and K1s
  • Answer demands for transparency by posting fund performance, research data or account level analytics
  • Streamline your marketing process by qualifying prospects online and providing access to materials over the web

Portfolio Reporting is also a feature, as InvestorBridge allows Funds of Funds, Endowments, Family Offices, and other institutional investors to provide transparency into their portfolios.

  • Publish research reports and other manager related information to clients and investment committee members
  • Securely distribute fund documents to LPs, investors and consultants
  • Post fund performance, benchmark analysis, and investment research or due diligence information

Showcase Your Performance is easy with InvestorBridge, as its sharing your research and performance should be the easy part.

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