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Enterprise-wide Solution for Regulatory Reporting and Financial Control

ControllerView® is a strategic financial control platform designed to deal with the challenges facing today’s financial executives, while delivering solutions for Regulatory, Operational and Management Reporting. It enables greater transparency across the entire enterprise by rapidly adapting to new regulatory regimes.

ControllerView® empowers its users with complete control in establishing and maintaining reporting logic to any degree of complexity. Users can fulfill regional or global reporting requirements or utilize the tool to structure data accommodating the specific needs of their organization.

AxiomSL provides global coverage of reporting templates and timely update services for regulatory jurisdictions around the world. These include the FRB, SEC, BOE, FSA and RBI, all in compliance with local requirements and accounting standards.

Users have the ability to individually define mapping logic to meet reporting and accounting requirements by utilizing AxiomSL’s proprietary Visual Business RulesTM (VBR) for data distribution and aggregation. No programming knowledge is required to perform the VBR functions that are designed to allow business users to use VBRTM based on their subject matter expertise. The terminology defined by VBRTM automatically translates into a series of complex query statements. The system then applies defined VBR sets to data sources residing within the data repository or available for access externally.

The reports generated by ControllerView® are accessible on-screen with the client interface, allowing in-depth analysis and manual adjustments as necessary. Reports can be submitted electronically using the latest methods prescribed by the Regulators (such as XBRL). Reports can be produced intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or at any other interval to meet internal reporting requirements.

ControllerView® also provides comprehensive views of financial information on entity and consolidated levels. With VBRTM definition capability, major extensions to existing systems become possible, i.e. generation of Sub-ledgers and other functional extensions to the General Ledger, and Flexible Charts of Accounts re-definition.

ControllerView® is supported by AxiomSL’s Integration Center® and Dynamic Data Warehouse™. These systems gather, consolidate and historically store heterogeneous data from all back-office and front-office processing systems, legacy data sources, and external data feeds.

The flexibility of ControllerView® makes it easy to adjust to specifications that may vary from institution to institution, or between different geographies and languages within the organization. This flexibility also extends to incorporating changes in compliance requirements without lengthy systems re-engineering projects, thus drastically decreasing the implementation time.

ControllerView® enables the business user the ability to analyze each report in an on-screen format line by line, breaking down the figures by either ad hoc or pre-defined parameters.

The data may be reconfigured with the push of a button to view detail by any defined grouping, such as Branch, General Ledger, Customer Type, Nationality, Counterparty, Trader and more. An unlimited detailing capacity allows you to see your data on the transaction, trade, or position level at any point of the analysis.

ControllerView’s unique functionality also offers transaction level disaggregation, allowing the user to drill-down into the data to the lowest level of granularity.

Reports are produced within minutes and satisfy many reporting requirements that previously took weeks to compile. This rapid rate of report generation gives analysts sufficient time to review the results and, in the event of an error, take necessary action, thereby ensuring the accuracy of submitted reports.

ControllerView® operates on virtually any platform including Unix, Linux and Windows with most of commercial data bases.

  • Regulatory reporting to central banks and other statutory authorities worldwide.
  • Head office and Entity reporting.
  • Basel II-III, PF Regulations and Solvency II, CRD4 compliance.
  • IAS/IFRS, GAAP and other accounting standards compliance, based on the Visual Business Rules of the Data Aggregation Engine.
  • Flexible interface with GL systems, Multiple chart of accounts support, GL Extentions.
  • EMIR, Dodd-Frank Act compliance.
  • Manual data entry and data adjustment capability.
  • Operations Reporting including Reconciliation and Variance reports.
  • Electronic Report Submission and XBRL capability.

Key Features

  • Integrate all transactional and accounting systems (including multiple GL systems)
  • Reporting Logic is defined using Visual Business Rules (No technical knowledge or programming needed)
  • Dynamic Data Warehouse™ for storage and archival of reports for past audit periods
  • Drill-down reports to lowest level of granularity
  • Instant validation of each report line down to transaction/account level
  • Seamless export to MS-Excel, text, PDF, built-in spreadsheet and other reporting environments
  • Built-in ad-hoc report writer, including Trial Balance and ledger reporting
  • Complete transparency of source and resultant data satisfy the most rigorous audit requirements
  • Manual data entry and adjustments in a highly secure environment with full log of history
  • Multi GAAP
  • FASB 133, IAS 39, BIS II standards compliance and reporting
  • 3D graphing capability for visualization of calculation results
  • Multiple chart of accounts support
  • Web Access to reports for electronic submission
  • Netting Management provides the ability to define netting rules and reserves
  • Multiple calendar support to accommodate business days according to local requirements
  • Full Multi Currency and Home Currency Conversions

Key Benefits

  • Fully automates source data integration, loading and report production environment
  • Full report coverage for regulatory authorities in United States and worldwide including: US (FEDERAL RESERVE, TIC, SEC, and OFFSHORE REGULATORS) and (i.e. BOE, FSA, DNB, JAPAN FSA, RBA, MAS, etc.)
  • Full compliance with the latest Basel I-II-III developments
  • Quickly create any new or customized ad-hoc report
  • Consistency across all daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Reconciliation of reports to underlying GL and transactional systems
  • Time saving during audit preparation process
  • Detailed audit documentation for all reports and periods
  • Generate consolidated and entity (branch) reports in a single run
  • Easily accommodate changes in regulations, business or technology
  • No programming required to operate the system
  • Superior Total Life Cost of Ownership Competitive Value
  • Web enabled technology

Product/Service details

Geographic Availability
Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America