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At QA Consultants, we go to great lengths to make certain your software, web applications, enterprise systems, and data is not only secure but functional. In the current climate, it’s not enough to be prepared in case your security is attacked but rather when it is attacked. As technology advances, so do the creative approaches to infiltrating systems. Our top security experts understand the attacker mindset to identify any and all vulnerabilities and potential methods of attack. We will make sure your needs are met to the highest degree because we understand that today’s security risks are simply too great to be just a check mark.

Key Features

Typical application attack vectors addressed:
  • Authentication Attacks
  • Brute force, common passwords, etc.
  • System Dependency Attacks
  • Corrupt or missing files, third-party components, etc.
  • Input Attacks
  • SQL injections, buffer overruns, etc.
  • Design Attacks
  • Unprotected internal APIs, alternate code paths around security checks, etc.
  • Information Leakage Attacks
  • Directory indexing and other inadvertent information disclosure
  • Cryptographic Attacks
  • Cryptographic implementations and patching
  • Business Model Attacks
  • Faulty process validation, etc.

Our roster of security experts can assess your application(s) components for vulnerabilities dynamically at runtime and proactively in terms of analyzing your applications’ source code for security defects. A typical vulnerability assessment engagement follows an internal process that has been used by us to test fortune 500 clients. Our On Demand Testing™ resources with different skill sets are brought in a moment’s notice and are only focused on their area of expertise. Once the vulnerability assessment is complete we will provide a full report along with recommendations on how to remediate the security issues. The tools that we use to perform our vulnerability assessments and remediation engagements are all customized from our years of experience executing security-as-a-service.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Security Testing ServicesPerformance Testing Services Examples of ValueWeb Applications• Penetration testing using the latest tools to determine all entry and exit points
• Vulnerability scans for common application defects such as cross-site scripting, and SQL InjectionsMobile
Applications• Try to hack the mobile application by installing it on rooted devices, determine what other components on the mobile device(s) impact the application and what threats could the application pose to other software on the deviceMiddleware of
Applications• Verify application con ration and settings, check
for connections to and from the middleware to see
what exactly is going on with the applicationSource Code
Analysis• Detection / remediation of common security
programming implementation issues leading to
vulnerabilities across multiple frameworksNetwork and
Platforms• Perform end-to-end testing to ensure all ports,
services and daemons either custom or commercial do not leave any holes open from unauthorized
individuals, systems and devices

The reason why government agencies and fortune 500 clients entrust us with their application security testing is due to our proprietary methodologies and approach. Please contact us for more information