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Why Good Enough Isn’t In Digital Banking

No matter how you look at the results from a recent JD Power online survey measuring the level of consumer satisfaction with banks, if you are a regional or midsized institution it should be a wake up call. According to the data collected in the survey, the biggest banks — specifically Chase, Citi, Wells, BoA, PNC, and US Bank — have a higher consumer satisfaction ranking than regional ($33B to $108B in deposits) and midsized ($2B to $33B in deposits) institutions.

This is the first time since this research was first conducted in 2006 that big banks have outperformed the regional and midsized banks. According to Rocky Clancy, Vice President of the Financial Services Practice at J.D. Power, the reason big banks are outperforming the others has to do with them “putting their money where their mouths are” when it comes to investing in customer facing technology, specifically digital banking.

Good enough, “me too” solutions are no longer viable as strategies for institutions that want to be competitive in their markets, yet few regional financial insitutions have the scale to develop unique solutions to compete with the biggest banks. We have reached a pivotal moment in digital banking when regional and midsized financial institutions must look for new partners to help them deliver digital banking solutions that help them compete successfully.

Digital Banking The Way It Should Be

D3 Banking’s solutions for consumer and small business digital banking are the newest, most modern products in the marketplace. Leading institutions including Arvest Bank, First Tennessee Bank, TCF Bank and others have selected our products to be the foundation for their digital banking transformation strategies. Some of the reasons why these blue chip institutions have partnered with D3 Banking include:

One Solution, All Digital Devices: D3 Banking delivers a comprehensive set of banking services from a single code base to laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearables eliminating the inconsistent user experience as well as the complexity and costs associated with using disparate solutions from multiple vendors to meet the needs of digital customers. Our cloud native microservices and API based architecture allows us to rapidly incorporate new services as the needs of digital consumers evolve.

Scalable and Configurable: D3 Banking’s solutions were built to meet the needs of regional and mid-sized financial institutions without having to undertake massive development projects that are inevitably late, over budget and fall short functionally. We have successfully completed several of the largest digital banking transformation projects in the industry, including clients with over one million digital users. In addition, our solutions are built to be highly configurable. This means that banks and credit unions have absolute control over their own destiny rather than being held hostage by vendors whose solutions require expensive and time-intensive customization. Additionally, for those institutions with the appetite and ability D3 provides an SDK to enable extension of current solutions as well as development of new ones.

Data Driven Personalization: D3 Banking offers solutions built with powerful data analytics capabilities that allow customers to assess and monitor their financial health without requiring heavy lifting on their part. In addition, the information concerning a customer’s financial health is provided to the institution, allowing banks or credit unions to personalize the advice, products and services they offer to each individual.

Choose Your Deployment Model: D3 Banking’s products can be operated on-premise in the institutions data center facilities or hosted by D3 on behalf of a financial institution. Regardless of which model suits a bank or credit union better, each institution maintains absolute control over their digital destiny and receives the same API and microservices platform with SDKs and value added features, including scalability, configurability, availability, data analytics and reduced costs and complexity, that have made D3 banking a provider of choice for leading institutions.

Key Features

  • Powerful cloud native microservices and API based architecture
  • Single omnichannel solution to support all current and future digital channels
  • Research based user experience focussing on mobile first and creating the "Magic Minute" for digital users
  • Immediately deployable solutions for consumer and business banking, account opening, personal financial management, marketing campaigns, and business intelligence
  • Innovative money movement that enables least cost routing and the institution to control the UX
  • Multi-tenancy and segmentation to enable support for multiple charters and brands as well as user personas and segments
  • Single sign on and authentication enables access to both consumer and business accounts
  • Extensive configuration tools that enable institutions to tailor the solution without coding and independent of D3
  • SDKs enable institutions to tailor existing services or develop new ones if desired

Key Benefits

D3 Banking enables regional financial institutions to have the "Power of Control." To compete with the largest banks who have weaponized their scale to compete for digital marketshare, regional FIs need to partner with organizations like D3 to compete. The D3 solution and agile-based transformation model enables rapid continous deployment and innovation without the need for a massive development project. Additionally, the FI has complete control of their D3 digital solution to differentiate and personalize their users digital experience. The D3 Platform enables a wide range of ability to tailor the digital experience from configuration to SDKs to extend the solution. Clients also control the deployment of their D3 solution. The D3 solution and transformation model is proven and has enabled our clients to acheive a number of financial and KPM benefits including; Reducing bill pay expenses by 25% or more, rapid conversion and integration of mergers and acquisitions, double digit growth in registered digital users, and over a 400% increase in digital engagement.