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Good treasury systems are essential for effective treasury management.

Our core system, FTI STAR, is available to meet a range of specialist business applications - treasury management, debt/ALM, bank/financial institution and leasing.

FTI STAR provides a complete solution for public and private sector treasury and because of its wide scope, it minimises the number of other systems that are required, thereby reducing systems costs and overhead, as well as the risks associated with running a number of different systems.

Designed by treasurers for treasurers, FTI-STAR has all the features and functionality that a treasurer really needs. It is menu-based, meaning that you can get an exact fit to your specific needs, with the flexibility to add more later. Whatever approach you choose, you can acquire a best practice straight-through-process from the initial transaction, through to settlement and account postings, with in-depth analyses and reporting.

Comprehensive, intuitive and flexible.

FTI STAR is a web-enabled system that can be deployed as a hosted application or installed on your network.

Unlike many systems installations that tend to be large, resource-hungry projects, overwhelm users and disrupt the business they are intended to support, FTI-STAR offers a quick installation, fully supported by our systems and treasury experts.

FTI-STAR – overall, a complete treasury solution, delivered through a proven implementation process, and supported by real treasury experts.

Key Features

Key Features:

  • An integrated database for all treasury transactions
  • Covers all core treasury processes with additional modules included e.g. Compliance
  • Flexibilty to define your own financial environment- portfolios, contract types, cashflows etc
  • Covers all commonly used hedging instruments e.g. swaps, options, and FRA's
  • Embedded 'best practice' treasury
  • A Strong Mid Office Control function 
  • Front/ Mid/ Back office workflow management and control
  • Counterparty Credit Risk Monitoring
  • Interest Rate and Currency Risk Monitoring 
  • Hedge Documentation/ Designation for Hedge Accounting 
  • Mark-to market revaluations
  • All treasury  transactions processing
  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Payments Processing

FTI STAR is organised on a treasury front, mid and back office basis. The workflow and controls that exist within the system are very strong and conforms to international best practice, as follows:

Front Office

Ø  All market transactions, new borrowings, debt issuance, dealing, etc.

Back Office

Ø  Transaction Confirmations

Ø  Payments and Settlements

Mid Office

Ø  Controls

Ø  Counterparties, limits etc

Ø  Standing Data

Ø  Staff profile and privileges

Ø  Accounting Rules

Ø  Reporting

FTI STAR comes with embedded treasury ‘best practice’. By acquiring and implementing FTI STAR, you automatically upgrade your treasury.     

Main Business Applications

FTI STAR covers operational, day-to-day and strategic treasury management requirements. It can combineand integrate all financial assets and liabilities, including contingent liabilities, foreign exchange contracts, swaps, etc.

It can be used for:

  • Complete treasury transaction management
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Debt management
  • Credit risk management
  • Portfolio/instrument analyses, mark-to-market (MtM) and reporting
  • Comprehensive Analyses and Reports
  • Preparing and Authorising Payments
  • Measuring Budget/Cost-at-Risk
  • Evaluating alternative investment/borrowing strategies
  • Developing and monitoring interest rate/currency scenarios
  • Preparing budgets
  • Providing Accrued Interest Analyses
  • Segregation of responsibility through user groups and security settings; i.e. it ensures proper internal controls in front, middle, and back office operations.

FTI STAR comes with embedded treasury ‘best practice’. By acquiring and implementing FTI STAR, you automatically upgrade your treasury.     

Key Benefits

FTI-STAR is a complete treasury system, covering the full treasury business process – front, mid and back office - from transaction initiation all the way through to the accounting entries. Combined with comprehensive risk management capabilities and reporting, it provides a complete solution for effective treasury management.

The benefits of FTI STAR are: better treasury management, increased efficiency, risk reduction, lower costs and better 'corporate governance' through better information, control and embedded ‘best practices’. 

In today's financial markets, with increased demands for better cash, debt and liquidity management, treasury can make a vital contribution to overall organisational performance. Large transactions are undertaken in treasury and exposures to financial market volatility and counterparties cannot be fully avoided. As a result, treasury activity can have very high positive or negative effects on the organisation’s performance. As well as effective risk management, there is an ongoing need for information, rapid analyses and reporting. Without good treasury systems, effective treasury management is simply not possible.

FTI STAR provides a complete solution for corporate treasury and because of its wide scope, it minimises the number of other systems that are required, thereby reducing systems costs and overhead, as well as the risks associated with running a number of different systems.

FTI‐STAR has been developed by FTI, the specialist treasury company based in Ireland. FTI’s business is treasury management, consultancy and systems. In our treasury management business area, we provide a 'managed' or outsourced treasury function for our clients – treasury dealing, cash management, all back office functions, all accounting as well as overall management and control. In our consultancy, we work with a wide range of international treasuries on all aspects of their treasury management. This means that unlike other systems vendors, we have real treasury expertise to enable us deliver a complete solution.

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