High Precision Time™

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Due to ever increasing application speeds it has become more difficult to synchronize activities across an enterprise. Systems are staggered around a nation or multiple nations and need to communicate and be in sync. In finance, a firm must certify the time in which it recognizes a market signal, responds and still manages time. Perseus has taken the lead in offering network access to a provable time source, ensuring as low as picosecond accuracy over the fastest most secure networks available.

Because Time is Money

High Precision Time™ by Perseus is a next generation network offering that provides customers with compliance practices regarding proof of government certified time.

• Choice of access from: NTP, PTP, 1PPS services available over a wide range of connectivity methods

• Ability to enable and authenticate your enterprise time server as a certified Stratum1 source

• All delivered on a global dedicated private WAN providing automated failover and added resilience by allowing customers to access other globally distributed Time nodes as well as their local node

Key Features

• Global synchronization capability – Servers using Perseus High Precision Time™ are in synch with each other even if on opposite sides of the planet.

• Customers can properly calibrate their perimeter to sub-nanoseconds of NIST’s civilian Timescale called UTC (NIST).

• SLA Reports on the quality, availability and accuracy of the timescale services custody end-to-end allowing customers to prove calibration with the US government certified timebase for audit and compliance purposes.

“All computer system clocks and mechanical time stamping Devices must be synchronized to any source within one second of The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard.

All of your clocks and time-stamping devices must remain accurate within a one-second tolerance of the NIST clock, including the difference between the NIST standard and a time provider’s clock; transmission delay from the source; and the amount of drift of your clock.”

Source: FINRA OATS Rule 7430

Key Benefits

Under US Law 15 USC 273, only the US Government’s NIST Laboratories can issue Time for commercial synchronization and application-evidence purposes. So why would a company take sync-services from a device which cannot prove its source? From wireline to application layer – Synchronization to the nanosecond is here through Perseus High Precision Time™ running across the US and around the world.

Perseus’ national sync-service infrastructure takes the US Government timescale servers and adds key security and audit practices for industry risk-management standards. Our Timing/Sync Service Network brings true UTC (NIST) timescale service to customers in a manner never before possible.

Perseus High Precision Time™ is unlike any self-operated or other PNT (Positioning Navigation and Timing) sync service because it can be piped as a single source solution or used in concert with existing practices seamlessly. Perseus High Precision Time™ automatically provides UTC (NIST) data for all applications and synchronization uses. Simple, cost effective and certified.