Electronic Archiving System

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  • Arkhineo provides secure and trusworthy storage of all type of documents with probative value in order to help you meet your obligations.

Arkhineo offers an Electronic Archiving System that can be intgrated into your existing solutions.

Arkhineo, a trusted third party, offers an electronic data archiving service in SaaS mode and allows its clients to maintain the probative value of the documents.

Arkhineo is the leader of EAS in France and 10 billions numbers of accumulated archives transferred on our platform since 2001.

Key Features

The Electronic Archiving System in SaaS mode provides long-term archiving of your documents. Arkhineo provides trustworthy long-term storage of all types of electronic documents (invoice, payslip, contracts, employment contracts, information about saving and credit products, proof files...).

EAS mechanism is based on:

  • Upload
    • There are several methods by which archives can be uploaded to the Arkhineo servers and a specific mechanism is applied to meet its commitments;
  • Storage
    • Arkhineo hase several sites in two countries: France and Germany, and also offers an option of local replication.
  • Consultation
    • The archvied documents can be ascessed online 24/7. The consultation seervice can be used in several ways.
  • Encryption
    • Arbhineo can offer a layer of additional (and optional) security to protect the archives in the event of a "data leak" or unwanted access, which, while unlikely, should be considered

Arkhineo has its own datacenters, based in France and Germany, guaranteeing compliance of documents with French and European legal obligations.

There are differents ways to access the Arkhineo service via:

  • Web API
    • Our Web API lets you connect your business applications (CRM, ERP, EDM...) to our Electronic Archiving Services (EAS) and to upload and consult your archives from these
  • MyArkhineo portal
    • The MyArkhineo portal lets you consult and upload archives manually if you wish via a user interface which can be accessed in a webbrowser.
  • DS Connect
    • Arkhineo has designed a standard connector to facilitate the implementation of its service when you use DocuSing electronic signature tools.
  • Salesforce
    • Arkhineo has designed a standard connector, My Arkhineo fpr Salesforce, to facilitate the implementation of its services when you use the Salesforce CRM

Key Benefits

Arkhineo operates a service of secure archiving of digital data with the following characteristics:

  • Intergrity
    • Arkhineo provides trustworthy sotrage of the deposited electroinic documents in order to guarantiee the probative value and secure storage of archives. Therefore, when an archive is depossitedwe carry out various steps such as the metadata, timestamp, fingerprint calculation, seal, indexation and archive chain.
  • Sustainability
      • Sustainability is ensured by verifying and validating documents formats. We ensure long-term compliance with regulations for 10, 20, 30 years and more.
  • Security
    • The security of the data entrusted to Arkhineo is a constant priority. The security is ensured on various levels:
      • Certification of compliance with national and international reference standards
      • Infrastructure
      • Service access
  • Traceability
    • All informations on the life cycle of the archives (upload, consultatio, extension of storage period, destruction and retrieaval) is recoreded. In the same way, any event on the system itself is recoreded (including actions by employees responsible for platform administration). This information provides additional pieces of evidence.
  • Reversibility
    • You can at any time request that all of the entrusted documents and associated pieces of evidence be returned to you on different supports;

The benefits of using Arkhineo EAS are:

  • your archive will remain your property
  • Your files are stored with guarantees on their integrity and confidentiality
    • Arkhineo does not process the content of documents entrusted by client by anyway
    • Arkhineo does not undertake any semantics analysis whatsoever on the content of archive object
    • Only the file format is cheked and validated
    • The metadata is provided in a file associated with the archive object
  • The Electronic Archiving System in SaaS mode has many benefits on an economic and functional level as well as when its comes to security
  • Compliant with the legal obligation to use electronic archiving when using 100% digital processes


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