Solartis Insure Microservices (Policy Administration, Agent and Consumer Portals)

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The Solartis Insure Difference

Solartis Insure is a different approach to policy administration system architecture. Carriers are no longer constrained by their monolithic technology platforms, they can now replace costly components, extend, orchestrate, and collaborate with third party providers to create unique customer ecosystems to simplify the process of purchasing and managing insurance.

An Introduction to Solartis Insure

Solartis Insure is an insurance product “enabler” platform that provides full quote & policy lifecycle (rate, quote, refer, bind, ePay, issue, renew, endorse, cancel etc.) capabilities in the most flexible, state of the art microservice environment.

We are a collection of insurance microservices on the cloud:

  • High performing & granular
  • Easy to integrate - available through Swagger
  • Elastic / scalable
  • RESTful Webservices - supports JSON & XML

For the full list of the Solartis Insure microservices please visit our microservice catalog on our website:

Decoupling the User Experience (User Interface, Workflow, Application questions and look & feel) from the underlying policy administration services, allows SOLARTIS (or the customer) to design and develop a unique User Experience that meets branding and user group requirements. In addition, these microservices can be provided to channel and / or distribution partner (as APIs) for use in their technology platforms and systems.

Key Features

Solartis Insure is available in the following three delivery models:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – This “total solution” option provides all the needed sales and policy life cycle capabilities (microservices) including the user interface, business flow, required integrations and reporting database. This option is currently used in consumer portals, broker / agent systems and full-blown insurance carrier underwriter systems.Average time to Release Candidate (UAT) is 90 days.Note:These same underlying microservices can also be used in channel partner technology platform.
  • Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) – This “Solartis Inside” option provides our sales and policy life cycle microservices (APIs) without the user interface. This option allows your IT team to develop and design the user interface and business flow inhouse.Our sales and policy life cycle microservices are accessed via an XML or JSON request and the return response provides the requested transaction / information. This option allows your IT team (or your digital partners IT team) to control the project.It reduces the development time and the cost and minimizes project risks as all policy admin functionality and rating content comes pretested and ready to go.Average time to Release Candidate /UAT (your work and our work) 75 days.
  • Solartis Insure Rating as a Service (RaaS) – This “Just the Rating” option provides our rating microservice (API) with either the ISO ERC content or your proprietary rating content. For use in existing technology systems and / or your new sales and policy administration system initiatives. Average time to Release Candidate / UAT (your work and our work) 50 days.

Our technology is available in Sandbox Sites for you to try before you buy without any sales pressure or interference:

  • User Experience Sandbox - Try examples of our Solartis Insure Software as a Service implementations.Quote, propose, pay and issue test policies on your own with our example product lines.
  • Business Analyst Sandbox - Try our lightning fast microservices in our test harness. Add your own test data in the JSON request and see the resulting info returned in the JSON response.
    • Rating APIs - with example proprietary product lines and ISO ERC
    • Blockchain APIs - Test out our Blockchain APIs in a test harness environment.
    • Policy and Forms Issuance APIs – The examples we have in this sandbox supports policy generation, forms selection, mandatory rules and manuscript forms.
    • Metadata APIs - Request and response XML containing Metadata (limits, coverages and values to be used for your valid values and drop downs on your UI)
  • Developers Sandbox - Try out example APIs in your technology platforms. Download the applicable package and quickly enable the sample code in your development environment.

Solartis Insure supports all carrier proprietary insurance products and admitted insurance products.

For insurance carrier proprietary products, we configure the product content directly in the Solartis technology. Newly configured products are available for your testing in less than 90 days (for our SaaS offering). Below are some examples of proprietary product lines we have in production today.

  • Commercial Lines P&C:
    • Property (Fire, Wind, Earthquake)
    • General Liability
    • Environmental Liability
    • Inland Marine
    • Auto
    • Umbrella
    • Package/Programs (including Artisan Contractors, Habitational, Restaurant, Mercantile, and Wholesale)
    • Workers Compensation
    • Special Events Liability
  • Accident and Health Product lines:
    • Special Events Accident
    • Business Travel Accident
    • Student Travel Accident
    • Sports Team/Camp/School Accident
    • Group Accident
    • Individual Accident
  • Personal Lines (P&C)
    • Homeowners
    • Dwelling Fire
    • Builders Risk
    • Vacant Property
    • Vacant Land
    • Umbrella
    • Leisure Travel

For carrier admitted insurance products we consume the full Commercial lines ISO library (rates, rules and form list) into Solartis Insure using the ISO Electronic rating content.

  • We natively consume the ISO electronic rating content within 24 hours of the ISO version release.
  • The following ISO ERC product lines are available in our platform for your immediate use:
    • Business Owners
    • General Liability
    • Commercial Umbrella
    • Non-filed Inland Marine
    • Commercial Auto (CA)
    • Commercial Auto – OCP (AU)
    • Commercial Inland Marine
    • Commercial Package Policy
    • Commercial Property
    • Crime
    • Workers Compensation
  • We configure your carrier product exceptions to ISO in Solartis Insure, these carrier product exceptions sit “on top” of the ISO ERC countrywide and state versions, thus preserving the carriers’ deviations upon subsequent updates to ISO rating content.

Key Benefits

  • Support for all your P&C product lines– Personal, Commercial, Admitted and E&S
  • Use Only What You Need – Choose the sales and policy lifecycle microservices that you need
  • Short Project TimeLine– 90 days or less and you’re ready to test
  • Multi-Channel Support -Use the same microservices in your partner technology platforms
  • Lightning Fast Performance – i.e. thousands of vehicles rated within seconds
  • Differentiate Yourself – Your User Experience, branding, and business processes
  • All the benefits of Microservice architecture

Product/Service details

Geographic Availability
Europe, North America