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We are the only technology consultancy in the city that complements its services with out-of-the-box tools.

FalconSoft's Reactive Worksheets is a sophisticated Enterprise Data Management and Analysis platform built to meet the specific challenges of capital markets participants. The solution is designed to help decision makers – in trading, sales, risk, etc. – to access, analyze and manage data from multiple heterogeneous data sources in a very flexible, but powerful way.

Reactive Worksheets offers a single point of access to all data sources within an enterprise in real time, helping to eliminate the data silos that often introduce risk, waste valuable resources and create unnecessary costs for organizations.

Key Features

Data Visibility & Analysis features

FalconSoft Reactive Worksheets offer tools to visualize any of your data and/or service source separately or in consolidated views – in real time, and in a flexible and consistent way.

FalconSoft Reactive Worksheets is poised to match and exceed the flexibility and usability of Microsoft Excel, while providing users with a manageable environment for collaboration across the enterprise. To start, we’ve built rich, extendable desktop application, with web and mobile versions coming soon. Our goal is to provide a viable, manageable alternative to MS Excel, giving capital markets users a fit-for-purpose, secure controlled analytical tool.

Key features includes :

  • Responsive real-time UI
  • Lightweight permissions facility to share and control your information.
  • Easy search / access all your information through a single text box.
  • Convenient view and modifications of related data sources.
  • Customizable UI with clear separation between data and UI. You can easily create multiple views referencing same real-time data sources.
  • Extendable – Reactive Worksheets can be easily extended with C# (.Net) and/or IronPython scripting code. You can define your own valuators, converters, dictionaries and data sources.

Data Modeling features

  • Data/Service Source standardisation
  • Structured relationships between data/service sources
  • Data/Service Source hierarchies - ability to extend sources without modifications.
  • Consolidate (join things together)

Reactive Worksheets Middleware

Reactive Worksheets Middleware is an asynchronous, event-driven system that employs the latest technologies and software design principles to achieve the following goals:

  • Serving concurrent user inputs
  • Real-time data distribution
  • Real-time data and services consolidation (joining things together)
  • Sharing information between users
  • Cache management
  • Push notifications
  • ETL functions and publish same time to Reactive Worksheets Data Repository and to Reactive Worksheets (UI)
  • Secure access to your information
  • Can be deployed locally or to the cloud !

Reactive Worksheets Data Repository

Reactive Worksheets Data Repository is a harmonised data storage infrastructure with built-in controls, audit, indexing and archiving. Deployed to the local server or to the cloud, Reactive Worksheets Data Repository can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions like PowerView and PowerPivot.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel here; we just translated well known, well defined and well proven principles for source code management and version control, such as SVN and TFS, into a solution for data management.

Our state-of-the-art architecture allows us to protect and store your records; everything can be traced, found and restored in Data Repository.

Running on top of Data Repository, Reactive Worksheets provides data management, data analysis and data visualization.

Main features include :

  • Security (Authentication & Authorization)
  • Full Audit Trail (who, what and where)
  • Data Snapshots (tags) - ability to rollback to as it was during any point in the past
  • Hierarchical Data Snapshots.
  • Powerful metadata infrastructure allows you a quick and easy access to your data.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions - Power View and Power Pivot
  • Cloud ready – Can be deployed locally or to the cloud.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Reactive Worksheets and Data Repository are designed to be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft&s Power View and Power Pivot BI solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Data Management & analysis software tool set
  • Reduce Operational risk
  • Promote transparency and visibility
  • Security and control
  • Reduce cost of building custom data management solutions
  • Offers MS Excel flexibility in a much more controlled 

Product/Service details

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Europe, North America