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The fundamental building block of all Web Financial Group tech solutions is the facility to provide clients with an unique Market Data as a Service (MDaaS) solution, which services both the Web Financial Group & Clients’ applications and tools. The platform that provides this service in the MFDS (Market & Financial DataSolution), which is an independent, scalable and flexible multi-vendor and multi-asset platform, providing ‘best-of-class’ integration that aggregates many different data sources.

MFDS is integrated with all major data vendors, regional providers, exchange sand many more sources. In summary, if the data is available then it can be integrated into MFDS. It is strategically & commercially important to divide the solutions from the data, hence allowing the selection of the ‘best in class’ data from multiple sources to be integrated into a single web based solution. From a commercial and/ or support perspective, it is equally important to have the capability to switch in/out between data vendors without affecting the solution and the investment already made in it.

Based on MFDS, Web Financial Group is fully prepared to operate a single platform rationalizing the current very much complex multi-providers and multi-asset banks´situation, covering any type of asset coming from every single data source existing in the market. In fact, this empowers our clients giving them huge negotiating power with data vendors.

On the applications layer, MFDS provides a wide range of intelligent search capabilities, comparison and analytical tools, the seamless combination of data and functionality and flexible integration of customer proprietary and further third party data. This wide range of own solutions, but also specialized third party applications, enables Web Financial Group’s customers to cost-efficiently offer its specific users best of breed solutions.

Finally, on the distribution level, MFDS is able to redistribute all data in any required format (HTML 5, CSV, XML, JSON, Fix, F2, Openmama,…) and for any kind of multi-channel device (website, tablets, smartphones, TV, watches,IoT,...).

Key Benefits

The MFDS architecture allows us to empower our clients with the following benefits:

1. Just a data contract and a tech contract for the entire bank.

2. Just one SLA with Web Financial Group and one hot line for any incidence irrespective it comes from data or tech.

3. Totally consistency of data (same prices) along the bank (back-middle-front), ensuring quality assurance and regulatory requirements.

4. We optimize and rationalize the use of data along the bank to avoid extra costs or duplications as data usage is fully measured and controlled.5. We can add specific data or research coming from any third party vendors to really let banks have a one-stop-shop.6. We integrate proprietary data coming from the bank along with third parties feeds to have it all fully integrated.

5. We can add specific data or research coming from any third party vendors to really let banks have a one-stop-shop.

6. We integrate proprietary data coming from the bank along with third parties feeds to have it all fully integrated.

7. We fully control data usage along the bank per use and per unit, so we help Banks to decrease data and stock exchanges related costs.

8. We help banks to decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as we provide a unique tech platform to integrate, manage and distribute all data and digital functionalities banks need.

9. Furthermore, we empower our clients giving them huge negotiating power with datavendors.10. We ensure maximum flexibility and adaptability as we can deliver any type of data toany part of the bank in the required format: HTML 5, CSV, XML, Fix, Open MAMA, F2,etc.

11. We ensure total data coverage as we can deliver multi-asset feeds and solutions along the bank (equities, bonds, funds, ETFs, forex, derivatives, interest rates, certificates,warrants, etc.).

12. We ensure total control of users accesses for audits and reporting as every single data access, front-end tools and terminals have a permissioning system that ensures that only entitled users access to the corresponding info.

13. We provide in depth statistics along the entire bank to measure usage of data and front-end solutions per user and per unit.

14. We implement plans of Business Continuity and Disaster recovery to ensure maximum guaranty to our clients.

15. We maintain paralleled hot feeds to let banks have back-ups (data alternatives) in realtime, so ensuring 100% availability.

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