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Corporate cash, risk, trade execution, lifecycle management and accounting in a fully integrated treasury workflow.

Run all your treasury activity from one simple platform – integrate cash management, risk management, trade execution, lifecycle management and hedge and treasury accounting, together with enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and SWIFT integration; all in one workflow.

With one consolidated view you can gain complete and instant visibility of your cash and risk to underpin business risk management, accurate forecasting and better decision-making.

Gain immediate access to financial exposures and associated hedging to keep treasury informed, mitigate threats and be ready to take action.

Key Features


Cash Management

Manage your cash with total visibility, and ensure that there is sufficient working capital. Bloomberg TRM automates all your cash activities, including data collation, reconciliation and concentration – providing the transparency required to manage needs.

Seamless Integration

With SWIFT connectivity built-in, electronically collate bank balance and transaction information from around the globe. Bank statements are automatically delivered into the pre-configured cash position worksheets to enable optimization of cash, automated sweeping and target balancing, and concentration daily.

Integrating leading ERP systems allows the automatic importing of accounts payable & receivable (AP/AR) and forecasts into the cash position worksheets for an accurate position and better cash management.

See The Complete Picture

The automatic reconciliation of bank statements with AP/AR files, with all treasury financial transactions, reduces the burden of manual cash reconciliation, with forecast variance analysis tools available in the cash position worksheet to improve accurate forecasting.

Subsidiaries are part of the corporate treasury workflow, using the Bloomberg Cash Management Utility to see and reconcile bank statements, manage cash flow forecasts and cash positions.

A pre-defined payment workflow enables audited processing of bank-to-bank payments, as well as via SWIFT, as needed.


Risk Management

Combat increases in financial risk, mitigate exposure to large losses in asset prices or earnings, and gain insights into the underlying business, to help improve cost effectiveness and identify new opportunities.

Manage Risk With Confidence

We enable today’s Treasurer to respond to the impact of regulatory change and heightened post-2008 levels of economic instability, by offering a more holistic view of financial risk positions across the enterprise.

Bloomberg TRM aggregates your exposures and associated hedges and compares this against your policies. In addition, Bloomberg’s powerful analytics tools enable you to conduct sensitivity analyses and then execute the appropriate hedging strategy.

Gain Powerful Insight

It is easy to simulate future interest rate risks and cost based on underlying commercial and financial flows. You can also analyze your counterparty and key public customer and supplier credit risk.

As real time mark-to-market valuations are central to risk management practices, Bloomberg TRM monitors positions and transactions in real time, utilizing Bloomberg’s powerful analytics and market data feeds.


Trade Execution And Lifecycle Management

Gain trade execution power with links to banks, global exchanges and connectivity to clearing and settlement engines, delivering straight through processing throughout the trade lifecycle.

Power Transactions

By running on the Bloomberg Professional Service terminal, Treasurers using Bloomberg TRM will have instant access to Bloomberg’s electronic trading portal FXGO. This is seamlessly integrated to provide a commission-free electronic trading platform for execution of FX spot, outright, NDF and option transactions, as well as deposits and precious metals. It provides a highly competitive trading platform and can request prices from your preferred bank with over 300 liquidity providers, execute your trade, and seamlessly confirm and match your trade.

Smarter Execution

Bloomberg TRM can also settle your trade and integrate with SWIFT and your cash management, providing maximized efficiency to any treasury department.

The Bloomberg FXGO pre-trade compliance tool enables limits to be set per trade, instrument, and counterparty. In addition, we also provide pre-trade pricing and analytics with full charting of historical data and market forecasts of future expected values from leading institutions and brokers.

All trades executed will include necessary data for reporting under European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and MIFID 2.


Hedge Accounting

Leverage Bloomberg TRM so that financial reporting reflects more accurately how you manage risks, and the extent to which hedging mitigates those risks and P&L volatility.

Measure What You Manage

Today’s Treasurer needs to describe the outcome of their risk management strategy, the rationale for hedging and the impact of hedging in the financial statements.

With Bloomberg TRM’s extensive and flexible functionality you will be able to document, assess and measure hedge effectiveness under the applicable accounting standards (FASB, IFRS).

Respond To Change

To ease the burden of compliance, Bloomberg constantly monitors and adapts to regulatory change.

When changes are made to the accounting framework or regulatory environment, the required changes are then swiftly made to our treasury management solution, ensuring compliance with the latest requirements.


Treasury Accounting

Providing cash and month end accounting journals for treasury transactions, including Market Value, Clean Market Value, Accrued Interest, FX Result, IR difference and all cash accounting events for trades processed by the system.

Add Real Value

A pre-configured standard chart of accounts and account rule mapping, based on US GAAP or IFRS accounting standards, enables corporations to post Bloomberg created accounting journals to their own ERP systems, reducing manual touch points.

The account journals are created at the end of each day and can be verified prior to being exported to an ERP system.

Bloomberg industry standard valuations are the basis for month end accounting. Bloomberg offers valuation of interest rate and cross currency Swaps, FX forwards and options and other complex derivatives.

Key Benefits

Gain Time To Add Value

Our efficient, streamlined workflow eliminates time-consuming processes as well as reducing operational risk and manual errors.

Bloomberg TRM automates processes so you can meet the complex business demands of managing multiple flows, regulatory requirements and financial risk exposures.

By removing manual activities, such as gathering account balance information across bank accounts and managing multiple excel spreadsheets your time can be focused on more strategic treasury decisions and delivering true service to the business.

All The Extras

Full 24 hour global service and support is included in one low annual subscription with no additional costs.

It runs on the highly-proven Bloomberg Professional Service (BPS) platform, giving you access to additional services such as investor relations, extensive market data and powerful analytics.

Quick To Implement

Bloomberg TRM arrives ready-to-go and pre-configured, so you can be up and running in days. It is easy to use and fast to add value.

Our team will be with you to guide you throughout the onboarding process.