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ARBES TOPAS is an all-encompassing, complete solution for securities dealing and portfolio management. An open, user-friendly system, it integrates and streamlines every step from trading to settlement, portfolio analysis and accounting.

Key Features

TOPAS's core modules include: Securities, which, for instance, lists all relevant information about financial instruments available for trading, and calculates an instalment calendar of earnings for cash-flow prediction and accounting; Brokerage, a front-office module that records client details and allows entering of trade orders as well as portfolio analysis; Trading results, the main back-office module - following a trade through every stage from its being sent to market through settlement, transfer of documents and payment; and Portfolio, which allows wide-ranging portfolio analysis e.g. percentage composition, performance, earnings over time, as well as checking of legal limits and calculation of Net Asset Value. In the Czech Republic, the TOPAS system supports electronic communication online with the Prague Stock Exchange (module BCPP-klient), and RMS and also via SWIFT with the European centres, CEDEL and EUROCLEAR.

It is also possible to exchange files electronically with all the main banks in the Czech Republic, with the Securities Centre or even with dealers. TOPAS eBroker is an Internet front-end to TOPAS. It gives brokers a competitive edge by letting them offer clients a wide range of services via the Internet. The extent of the services available can be tailored for different client categories from individuals to vast investment funds. MERLIN has made security a priority, utilising SSL Protocol and sender authentication through electronic signatures. Via a web browser, the end user can:

1) send on-line orders to buy or sell on the Stock Exchange or RM-System;

2) get an overview of current status and history of securities portfolio, current status and history of trades and cash-flow details;

3) entrust securities to management by a broker (or withdraw them);

4) send detailed instructions to a broker or submit his order to other markets offered by the broker. Before being sent to market, all orders are automatically validated to ensure that the client has the required financial resources and is in possession of the financial instruments specified in the proposed trade. TOPAS-OMF is designed to support the specific operational needs of investment companies managing open-ended mutual funds. Together with the accounting and managerial modules of the FEIS ERP system, it forms a complete information system that can be used either on its own or in tandem with other elements of the TOPAS system. Among other functions, TOPAS-OMF supports the sale of unit shares - both dematerialised and aggregated, can handle an unlimited number of unit holders and covers all common trading operations (buy, sell, switch) as well as transfer of ownership or provision of replacement certificates.

Key Benefits

Fast processing: TOPAS is designed to supply fast, high-volume processing. It provides easy, clear record-keeping, automates wherever possible and transmits information fast through closely communicating modules, direct links with markets and e-brokerage. TOPAS ensures that:

1) Any number of accounts, users, portfolios or transactions can be handled thanks to robust client-server architecture.

2) Everything from pre-trade checking of clients credit to calculation of fees and payment can be automated. 3) All transactions are automatically posted in the accounting system thanks to a tight link with the financial module. Advanced performance monitoring TOPAS provides top quality customer reporting and performance measurement for tens of portfolios. It allows portfolio and investment managers dealing with mutual funds to access in real-time all relevant customer and portfolio information; provides advanced portfolio analysis functions such as performance measuring and benchmarking, as well as checking legal limits (online compliance), helping to manage risk and calculating Net Asset Value daily. A specialised module, TOPAS OMF, deals with the back-office requirements of open-end mutual funds. Further strengths are:

1) Specialised management information systems, MIS TOPAS and MIS OMF for in-depth analysis.

2)Middleware Solution to ensure smooth integration with your core systems or specialised in-house designed applications where necessary.

3) Openness to the latest technology and communications methods (e.g. WAP and GSM as well as Internet) and flexibility to cope with new technological advances.

4)Straightforward implementation and customisation, and easy maintenance.

5) Fast, secure data processing thanks to world-leading Oracle database technology.