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The WDX Foundation CRM is the core license of the WDX application. It includes (optionally) all of the necessary Microsoft CAL Licenses for user access and the WDX Wealth Management data model.

WDX Foundation provides the necessary entities and  forms for all of the standard wealth management client types (Individual, Joint, Charity, Trust and Corporate) as well as the necessary client structures for associating Clients, Contacts, Portfolios and sub-portfolios. It also provides for full Intermediary relationship management and associated integration with the direct clients.

WDX have also spent several man years of development creating bespoke entities, workflows and plug-ins to create a base system that is ‘Wealth Management ready’ out of the box.

Key Functionality Included:

• Microsoft Dynamics CAL (Optional) • WDX Wealth Management Data Model • Client and Intermediary Forms and structures • Outlook integration • Book of Business Dashboards

Key Features

Client On-Boarding

The WDX On-Boarding module is designed to meet the needs of private client managers from the inception of new business through marketing and prospecting, through sanctions checking, client profiling, formal presentations and investment proposal generation, account opening and the transferring of assets.

WDX will track all communications (phone calls, letters, e-mails, meeting notes) from the very beginning of the relationship and carry them through to client management and beyond. WDX will also provide the ability to automate the creation of presentations, letters, forms and proposals to clients from data captured during fact finding and formal presentation phases.

Pre-defined and customised workflows lead Investment advisers and support staff through FCA compliant and firm defined processes that provide a simple and useable methodology for bringing new clients in to the firm. Whether the new client is an individual, joint, family, charity, corporate or institutional type, WDX provides a configurable framework to control the entire process.

Integrated links to risk profiling tools and sanctions checking systems provide a seamless process for wealth management firms to ensure that industry standard and firm level compliance rules are adhered to.

Key functionality included:

• Individual and firm level custom Marketing lists • Individual and firm level event and campaign management • Prospecting and client communication tools • Sales pipeline management • Client On-Boarding workflows • Links to Integrated Risk Profiling tools • Links to Sanctions Checking functions • Investment Proposal Document Generation • Integrated Client setup in core Portfolio Management systems

Client Management

The WDX Client Management module has been built to provide a single, modern, dashboard based view for all historical and planned client communications and activities. It is also the place to go for all client data including KYC and Suitability information and client documentation.

WDX’s tailored private client structures are exposed within the dashboard and users are able to see at a glance all of the information required to manage any type of client.

The Client Management module also includes an integrated Document Management system based on either Microsoft SharePoint or the Hitec DSX technology. All types of documents can be scanned and stored on the system and viewed at the appropriate level (Family, Client, Portfolio etc.) from within a WDX dashboard.

Both incoming and outgoing telephone calls can be instigated, received and recorded with WDX’s integrated CTi solution. Telephone conversations can be recorded on the fly via notes and electronically stored as a client activity.

WDX Client Management has also been designed to deliver workflows around regular client activities such as periodic reviews, suitability reviews, peer reviews and any other custom regular activity. These workflows have been created to meet FCA requirements and are designed to support regulated managers in their duty of care towards their client investors.

Key functionality included:

WDX custom client dashboards. • Integrated view of all client activity history. • Integrated view of all client documentation. • View of all upcoming activities across entire client base. • Activity scheduling and monitoring across entire client base. • Suitability review scheduling and data updates. • Outlook Integration • Telephone Integration.

Client Operations

WDX Client Operations module extends the value of the core WDX solution by adding pre-defined and customisable workflows around common wealth management operational requirements.Examples of the workflows provided out of the box by WDX include:

• Payment requests • Client Valuation requests • Complaints • Account Closures • Change of personal detail requests.

WDX allows for the creation of other custom firm specific workflows for the rapid deployment of new processes.

Client Portfolio

WDX Client Portfolio Module provides a consolidated view of the clients Investment assets shown at both the Client level and individual portfolio level. WDX can either take a feed from custodial or accounting platforms to consolidate a single view of client assets or link directly to in-house or vendor provided systems.

The WDX Client Portfolio module is designed to provide investment managers and other client support staff with a convenient integrated view of portfolio details from within standard CRM views delivered via Outlook or mobile and other web channels.  

Portfolio details might include;

• Consolidated Valuation and Holdings views • Transaction enquiries • Performance viewer • Asset Allocation analysis • Investment Compliance Alerts.


The WDX Mobile module has been designed with the travelling Investment Manager in mind. WDX mobile allows user access to the core functions of the WDX CRM solution via most commonly used mobile devices.

Users will be able to view the client and Investment dashboards and view all up to date communications and activities for clients. In addition full mobile access to the Document Management system is enabled for the viewing and downloading of documents.

It is also possible to update the system and create new activities whilst on the move or during a meeting with the client. For example if you are on site with a client and they wish to instigate a payment the adviser can generate a payment request on their mobile device and within a few seconds it will be starting its process through the firms payment request workflow. This process can be repeated for any of the client liaison workflows within the system whether it is a change of address notification, request for new valuation, complaint or other as necessary.

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