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SPARK - the catalyst for change

SPARK is a cloud-based newbusiness, digital underwritingand analytics solution designedto deliver everything you need toquickly drive a significant growthin sales, while transforming yourcustomers’ buying experience.

SPARK will help you sell in new ways to newmarkets. It will help you deliver new levels ofcustomer experience to meet the needs of today’sdigitally-savvy buyers. And it will give you accessto new sources of data and insight, enabling you tomake better, faster decisions.

SPARK is for insurers who want to embark on automation of the underwriting and new business process and ignite the journey to full digitisation of their business, fast. The light touch, bundled offering provides core automated underwriting capabilities needed to access third-party data, rapidly accelerate new business, grow sales and improve customer experience.

SPARK - you choose your starting point

Implementing Digital Underwriting at Point of Sale is the ultimate goal for most life insurers. By implementing automated underwriting tools at the Point of Sale, a life insurer can shift responsibility for processing the majority of applications to agents and sales staff. Specialised underwriters are freed of routine tasks yet remain available for consultation in complex cases. Straight-through processing (STP) rates are maximised and customer satisfaction increased.

However, implementing underwriting at Point of Sale can be disruptive and require significant investment in re-architecting existing systems and processes to accommodate automated underwriting. A less disruptive approach can be to implement automated underwriting in the Back Office initially. Targeted Second Stage Interviews can be performed based on disclosures captured by E-Applications or on Paper, without incurring the cost of redevelopment of Point of Sale applications and without disrupting your business.

With SPARK, you can choose to start your automation journey either at either in the Back Office or at Point of Sale.

Built for the real world of modern insurance

Because SPARK is delivered as a cloud-based service, you don’t have to worry about hosting, configuring or deploying the solution. You no longer need to invest in costly hardware and software. And you won’t need expensive IT resources to carry out maintenance and system administration – all of that is taken care of by us.

Instead, you’ll benefit from automatic updates and improvements as soon as they are available. You’ll get world-class uptime and security. And, with hosting hubs worldwide, you’ll get the performance you need, when you need it.

SPARK can be accessed at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world, giving you greater flexibility in how you serve customers. It means you’ll be able to attract more tech-savvy agents who will benefit from greater productivity, higher straight through processing rates and reduced turnaround times. What’s more, you’ll be able to easily implement upsell and cross-sell campaigns to help them hit their targets and detailed analytics will show you exactly how they’re performing.

With SPARK, you’ll have the confidence that the cover you provide is consistent, evidence-based and demonstrates compliance with industry regulations.

Key Features

The tools and capabilities you need

SPARK delivers a core new business toolkit enabling your firm to rapidly kick the paper habit, streamline processes and explore valuable new opportunities. The solution’s core capabilities include:

A pre-configured underwriting rulebook - To help accelerate your implementation and time-to-market. The pre-configured rulebook enables you to automate routine decisions and sign quality new business fast.

An easy-to-use rules designer - Allowing you to customise the solution to your specific underwriting philosophy (with new rules and rule changes published instantly). The rules designer tool allows you to create, adapt and refine underwriting rules with NO IT or vendor involvement.

Sophisticated rules for common conditions - With the option to offer instant cover, ask further reflexive questions, or refer the case for manual underwriting.

Support for multiple products - Quickly improve, innovate and deploy new products, channels and risks across multiple languages so you can sell how and where you want.

Easy integration - Reduce the need for manual underwriting through straight through acceptance of evidence with internal and external third-party data providers, accelerating decision making and improving the customer experience.

Business insights -To help you understand how your business is performing and quickly identify areas for improvement. You can apply excellence and consitency in underwriting by harnessing new sources of insight from day one.

Key Benefits


  • Best-in-class technology now available as a digital service
  • Low set-up and maintenance costs
  • Quick time to market
  • Accessibility
  • Munich Re expertise
  • Secure solution
  • Turn-key scalability
  • Flexibility

Quick time to market

  • Best practice deployment models to ensure high performance and low latency
  • On-boarding and on-going operational support
  • Easy integration with data providers
  • Automatic updates and data recovery
  • Infrastructure requirements handled by Munich Re

Secure and reliable infrastructure

  • Comprehensive data-management policies for the handling and control of sensitive data
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Robust operational support and system management 24x7
  • 30+ years providing secure solutions to the Insurance sector