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Restore totalORDER to all your derivatives data with a single solution

Detailed reconciliation of inventories of trades or positions continues to pose a complex problem in the financial services industry today. We believe that the technical challenges should not be a stumbling block to achieving the business goal: total confidence in the accuracy of your trade population.

Message Automation’s next-generation totalORDER engine opens a whole world of opportunity to operations managers aiming to control risk. It is fundamentally different from “traditional” matching: it will compare every combination of trades and find the best fit; it greatly cuts down on root cause analysis time; it finds breaks in data you could not previously match; it has no limitations on complexity; and it scales to millions of documents.

Our customers agree. Message Automation's technology has been deployed in some of the world's largest investment banks. The totalORDER matching and reconciliation solution has been proven on complex OTC derivatives data, across multiple asset classes, on large trade populations.

We can implement totalORDER and provide useable results on data issues in your trade population in days not months, and we are happy to back up this claim this with a proof of concept on your own data.

Key Features

  • Broad instrument coverage – not designed for a single product or instrument but to handle all business lines with a single application - totalORDER is asset class agnostic.
  • Time to market – totalORDER’s clean architecture means it is quick to implement whether for trades, positions, or portfolios. It copes well with poor data quality and multiple formats because it is rules driven - it can be configured for new requirements extremely quickly by business users with minimal effort.
  • Improved match quality – reduce investigation effort and focus on genuine issues as it checks the full economic details of the trades. Out of the box, every data element is matched, not just a few fields.
  • Handles complexity – matches hybrid and exotics as well as simple products (e.g. FpML with repeating sequences such as swap legs or hierarchical data such as underlyers.) This is possible as totalORDER uses deep structure matching. This includes sophisticated aggregation processing (roll-ups) – many to one, one to many, many to many.
  • Keeps multiple systems in line, even in real time – totalORDER provides n-way synchronisation to ensure all versions of trade data - internal, external, and warehouse or repository representations - are exactly in line.
  • Root cause analytics- it has a powerful user front end that deploys our break pattern recognition to provide detailed but targeted management information for the end user. This capability allows matching rules to be fine tuned in an auditable and controlled manner.
  • Eats up volume – no problem processing very high volumes of data as totalORDER is scaleable and highly performant (e.g. benchmarked matching two populations of 1 million trades in under 3 minutes.)
  • Ultra-modern but proven technology – already in production for multiple business purposes in tier one institutions – because from the ground up it is built for purpose.



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