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Quantify cyber risk for new and current policies. Stay aligned to risk appetite.

Key Features

Real-time Cyber Threat Landscape Monitoring

Kovrr monitors hundreds of countries, millions of ongoing monitored incidents, activity of hundreds of top leading cybercrime groups, dozens of nation-backed advanced persistent threats (APT) actors and thousands of individuals operating in the cyber space on a global basis in real-time. Threat actors are analyzed to determine the likelihood of an attack against a business and what the cost of any attacks they might initiate could be.

Actionable Underwriting Insights

We've developed an engine that harvests global incidents data to better understand the potential outcome of specific risk scenarios such as data theft and the projected financial loss due to their impact.

Contextual Cyber Risk Assessment Tools

Kovrr helps insurers segment customers and diversify their book via analysis of a company's use of commercial software, geography, third party services and more. Insurers can decide the type of risk they'd like to onboard according to their risk appetite.

Comprehensive Data Acquisition & Augmentation

Insurers mostly rely on data provided by the company they are looking to insure or the agent/broker. We found that this data can be inaccurate, limited and requires a long onboarding of the end client. Kovrr shortens the questionnaire process by augmenting missing information and cutting out a significant amount of required questions from the insurance application. We also validate and cross reference answers provided by the potential insured in order to make sure all data is accurate.

Key Benefits

Transparent Modeling

Kovrr provides insurance professionals unique visibility into its modeling methodologies and the underlying data. With Kovrr’s transparent modeling, (re)insurers can build data-driven underwriting processes and exposure management teams are provided with valuable cyber risk knowledge.

Data, Data, Data

Kovrr monitors millions of ongoing incidents in real-time. The platform fuses, proprietary, open-source, and third-party data to build advanced AI machine learning engines to predict and price cyber risk. We create risk models from cyber incidents, intelligence exposure data, claims incidents data and access to a variety of 3rd party data providers.

Customized Platform

There is no one size fits all cyber risk models. Cyber risk models must be aligned to (re)insurers’ insured assets and directly map to potential liabilities, derived from the insurance coverages. With Kovrr, (re)insurers can receive their own fully optimized models utilizing data that closely corresponds with the geography, industry, type of businesses, etc. With these models, (re)insurers can differentiate their offerings in the market.