DXM630 Blade Workstation

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Our enterprise class PCoIP blade workstation, offering server class manageability in a compact form factor.

The Amulet Hotkey® DXM630 is the latest in our enterprise class, tier one PCoIP blade workstations, offering server class manageability, outstanding data security and state-of-the-art Intel® Xeon® Haswell™ processors in a compact blade form factor.

With support for dual E5 2600 series processors, the DXM630 offers up to 36 processing cores and 768GB of RAM. Single or dual Amulet Hotkey DXM PCoIP mezzanine cards provide high performance, industry standard graphics, and deliver dual, quad or octal video over LAN or WAN to our secure desktop zero clients.

Up to 16 DXM630 blade workstations can be installed into the award winning Dell PowerEdge™ M1000e rack mounted enclosure to create a dense but powerful solution for back racking computing hardware. This 10U enclosure provides a high degree of power, cooling and networking redundancy together with a comprehensive suite of management tools, simplifying maintenance and maximising availability.

Where data security and no-compromise real-time remote performance are paramount, the DXM630 is the ultimate solution.

Key Features

  • Dual, quad or eight monitor support with AMD or NVIDIA options available
  • TERA2240 PCoIP chipset
  • Support for high resolution panels (up to 2560×1600 at 60Hz)
  • Up to two Intel Xeon E5 2600 v3 processors per blade (36 cores)
  • USB 2.0 support from the zero client
  • BIOS visibility and control from the zero client
  • Full power control from the zero client
  • Server class manageability and redundancy
  • 10GbE chipset on board

Key Benefits


Maintaining a competitive edge requires many elements, including access to the appropriate type of compute resource for your users. High performance workstations are bulky, power hungry and fixed in terms of their capabilities. External resources such as storage are still required. We can deliver more compute power than standard desktop solutions, giving a competitive advantage in performance. Co-locating the users compute power with your market data and storage provides the lowest possible latency for your business transactions.


Your intellectual property is critical to your business and is often what keeps you ahead of competition in the market. Deciding how to achieve the appropriate level of security for your data while also providing your users with the access required to do their jobs can lead to compromise. We take your users to the data not the data to the user, offering unparalleled security. At the desktop a stateless zero client device holds no data and has no attack surface. With military grade encryption and UK government accreditation our solutions are deployed in some of the most demanding security environments worldwide.


Your investment in technology is significant, and ensuring this can be leveraged at all times is key to your business. The requirement to have compute resource local to users makes it almost impossible to guarantee a resilient infrastructure. All of our solutions are designed with high availability in mind, and we partner with Tier 1 vendors to ensure maximum stability. Our centralised architecture allows you to keep your entire critical infrastructure in a properly powered, cooled and secured location.


Local workstations at the desk provide a fixed infrastructure that requires significant cost and resource to change. The requirement for multiple data sources, operating systems and applications forces you to support a variety of platforms, often in different locations. With a centralised architecture you can scale up, scale down and redeploy with ease. Our solution is operating system agnostic, allowing you to run the applications you need whilst providing an access model to suite your evolving mobility needs.

Product/Service details

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Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America