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25 June 2014

mad Warde, founder of HedgeGuard, the leading hedge fund, asset management and family office technology provider, spoke on Tuesday 3rd of June at the Global Family Office Community conference in London.

He talked about the increasing importance of technology to the family office industry. In classic Imad style he used the modest Greek metaphor from Archimedes – “give me a lever and a fulcrum and I shall move the world.” He explains that if we zoom out on the earth we can see humans increasingly leveraging technology in everyday life. Tightened risk and compliance since the recent financial crisis puts a greater importance on technology. Family offices are discrete and opaque, but this does not exclude them from the need to be compliant. Technology is evolving quickly and family offices need to keep up. As well as ensuring one keeps on top of risk, compliance and reporting, it is also key for forecasting and planning ahead so one can see danger before it hits you. It also enables one to be dynamic as investing becomes more complicated and diversified. Fees in the asset management world have been disproportionately high and family offices want value for money. In today’s competitive market this is finally available meaning family offices can keep up with the institutions in their offerings but at the same time remain nimble and private.

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