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Blogs | May 11th 2021 | Arin Ray

Innovating with Regtechs

Reports | Apr 14th 2021 | Arin Ray, Neil Katkov

Innovation In Risk: A Snapshot Through the Lens of Model Risk Manager 2021

Blogs | Apr 13th 2021 | Karlyn Carnahan

Spring Fever

Reports | Apr 11th 2021 | Karlyn Carnahan

Snap Poll of PC Insurers on Financial Systems

Reports | Apr 4th 2021 | Max Ang

The Data Force: Cultivating a Data-ready Organization

Reports | Mar 30th 2021 | Bob Meara, Zilvinas Bareisis

State of Digital Customer Acquisition: Much Work Remains

Reports | Mar 30th 2021 | Andrew Schwartz

NAV Oversight and Contingency Tools

Reports | Mar 10th 2021 | Max Ang, Marty Ellingsworth

Anadolu Sigorta A.Ş.: Organized Fraud Detection via Social Network Analysis

Reports | Mar 9th 2021 | Neil Katkov

Credit Suisse: Risk360 Advanced Risk Analytics Platform

Reports | Mar 9th 2021 | Neil Katkov

Swedbank: Modernizing Card Fraud Management and Improving Customer Experience

Reports | Mar 9th 2021 | Neil Katkov

Standard Bank: KYC On The Go - A Component of Remote Customer Onboarding

Reports | Mar 9th 2021 | Neil Katkov

Fino Payments Bank: Remote Implementation of Enterprise-Wide Fraud Management During the Pandemic

Reports | Mar 9th 2021 | Arin Ray

Goldman Sachs: Machine Learning-powered Watchlist Screening Tool

Reports | Mar 9th 2021 | Arin Ray

United Overseas Bank: Machine Learning-powered Alert Triaging for AML Transaction Monitoring and Name Screening

Reports | Mar 9th 2021 | Arin Ray

HSBC: Insurance-focused Transaction Monitoring Solution Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud

Blogs | Mar 9th 2021 | Neil Katkov, Arin Ray

Announcing the Celent Model Risk Manager 2021 Award Winners

Reports | Mar 8th 2021 | Neil Sheehan

Morgan Stanley: Portfolio Risk Platform

Blogs | Mar 8th 2021 | Neil Sheehan

Announcing Our Model Wealth Manager 2021 Award Winners!

Reports | Mar 8th 2021 | Arin Ray

State Street Global Advisors: Measuring Macroeconomic Risks for Portfolio Management

Blogs | Mar 8th 2021 | Marty Ellingsworth

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