Amazon Echo’s implications for banking

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11 April 2016


  • Dan, I am very interested in your experience with Capital One on Alexa. I had a chance to attend their presentation at SXSW--is that where you heard about it? Perhaps we were at the same session. I covered it in my podcast episode about SXSW. Here's the link: . I'd love to know what else you are using the Capital One skill for on Alexa. Great piece. Thanks.

  • I love my Echo and am hoping Wells Fargo will integrate for me. I use it already everyday from playing music, telling kid jokes, setting timers and alarms etc. I think it will be profound in many business arenas.

  • I don't know about Amazon's Echo per se, but voice-enabled interactively definitely is going somewhere. Even my mother has an Echo (before me, no less)...


  • Thanks, Len. I got Alexa simply to explore this new way of interacting with a machine, then went searching for what bank apps were live. Capital One as of the date of the blog the only I could find listed on the skill store. What's going to be really interesting is how the design of voice interaction with a bank plays out -- what's the user experience going to be, and how will security be handled? Lots of potential here, I think, particularly when we get to the point where the whole house is wired for voice.

    Since Capital One isn't my primary bank I didn't do much more than ask for my balance, incidentally.

  • Good to hear from you, Julian (no pun intended!). I agree: whether it's Echo, Siri, or Nuance, this voice stuff has potential. What does your mom use her Echo for?