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13 December 2012
Karen Monks
Can you name a song in 6 notes or less? Click on the link and see if you can do it . . . Name That Tune (Hit your back button to return to this blog. The Answer will be at the bottom!) Can you write a whole story in 6 words or less? Ernest Hemingway once wrote an entire short story that was 6 words long (For sale: Baby shoes, never worn). What about defining something in 6 words or less? Can you do that? How would you define Innovation if I told you it had to be done in 6 words or less? Innovation: The difference between leader and follower. Ok, so I will admit it's not that original. It is paraphrased from Steve Jobs. But he epitomizes innovation to me. So how about you? What is your six word definition of Innovation? We are having a contest to see who has the BEST definition. Will that be you? Visit our LinkedIn group ( to see what other have said and add your definition. Winners will be announced at Innovation & Insight Day on February 27, 2012 at the Boston Sheraton Hotel. The Fine Print 1. (Legitimate) hyphenated words count as one word. 2. You may use a maximum of six words. You may use fewer, but under no circumstances should you use less than one. 3. Creative use of spaces within made-up words may be allowed at the discretion of the judges. 4. The use of pictures is not permitted (after all, a picture is worth a thousand words). 5. Some settling of contents may occur during shipping and handling. Name That Tune Answer: Silver Bells

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