Is It Just Me? #1: Insurance Commercials

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10 January 2012
Donald Light

Is it just me, or are most commercials for property/casualty insurance on American television really dumb, pointless, and worst of all ineffective?

I’ll assume that everyone reading this post knows something about insurance products and the process of selling those products. So take your own “Is It Just Me?” test.

After you watch the next five or ten insurance commercials on the tube, ask yourself a few questions.

·What are they selling?Does this commercial actually identify an insurance product?

·Have they given me some good reasons for buying that product?

·Do they show prospective buyers and customers as intelligent and sympathetic--or as stupid and/or overweight and/or ridiculous?

·And if the latter, why should I want to do business with a company that has such a low opinion of its customers?

There are exceptions of course. Some commercials are both entertaining and informative (think GECIO and AFLAC).But all too many, apparently have two goals:

·Demonstrating how clever (or worse edgy) the people who made the commercial are

·Making insurance as obscure and offensive as possible

Is it just me?

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