Celent Banking Webinar: Why Change Cores?

13 June 2011
Virtual Event

After years and years (and years) of very little movement in core banking in North America, Celent is now observing activity in both the United States and Canada. A massive movement occurred in the Australian market, where three of the top four banks are switching core systems. Celent has delineated three categories of reasons to move core:

  • Business issues
  • Technical issues with the core itself
  • Integration issues

Join Bart Narter, Senior Vice President of Celent’s Banking Group, as he expounds upon these issues so that attendees can consider whether a core banking migration is appropriate.

The presentation draws on findings from the report Why Change Cores?


This event if free to attend. Celent clients and the media will have access to the webinar's PowerPoint presentation after the event.

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