PROFILE publishes its latest news - eNewsletter Winter Edition

30 January 2015
Athens, Greece

PROFILE publishes its latest news - eNewsletter Winter Edition

PROFILE Software, an international financial solutions provider, announced the release of its quarterly eNewsletter Winter 2015 Edition packed with latest news on the company and its products. The eNewsletter features new developments in PROFILE’s key product range. That includes the enrichment of the FMS.next banking platform with functionality for primary and secondary markets when utilising the FMS.next P2P Lending solution. IMSplus, the investment management system is presented with new features to enable faster and more efficient operations for IAMs and IFAs. Furthermore, the company is expanding its partners’ network and staff in specific territories, supporting local industry events such as AltFi, Middle East Insurance Forum and annual gathering in Geneva. Last but not least, the company and its products have been included in the Aite Group’s and Celent’s reports, received recognitions and awards. View the latest eNewsletter release by clicking here

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