Celent Model Asset Manager Awards


Celent Model Asset Manager Awards



Model Insurer AwardsModel Bank Awardsに続き、セレントはModel Asset Manager Awardsを新たに開始します。

Model Asset Manager Awards 2018は現在募集中(締め切り2019年12月3日)です。ご応募はこちらか、もしくは画面右手のリンクをご参照ください。受賞金融機関には1月下旬から2月初旬にかけて審査結果を通知し、一般向けには2020年春に発表します。

Model Asset Manager Awardsは、資産運用(アセットマネジメント)事業を手がける金融機関を対象としたアワードで、テクノロジー活用のベストプラクティスを表彰するものです。

2018年のアワードでは、次の3つのカテゴリーにおける先進事例・成功事例を募集します: Innovation in RiskCore TransformationInnovation in the Front OfficeDistribution


Nomination categories and Winners

Innovation in Risk


  • Use of non-conventional forms of data to perform and improve the accuracy of client and risk assessments
  • Employ advanced analytics and machine learning/AI in ongoing portfolio risk monitoring and surveillance
  • Effective deployment of Big data approaches and infrastructure to improve operational timeliness, efficiency and information quality
  • Revamp risk and data management processes to leverage digital technologies towards real-time
Core Transformation


  • Front-to-back investment workflow enhancements – such as, open APIs, enhanced reconciliations, messaging standards and normalization
  • Investment Book of Record (IBOR) reengineering and implementation
  • Optimisation tools for existing incumbent platforms – such as, workflow monitoring, overlay tools for enhanced operational performance and efficient messaging
  • Utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for operational efficiency
  • Consolidation of application layers and sourcing options
Innovation in the Front Office

イノベーションの実行力向上や、ビジネス変革につながる最新テクノロジーの試用 (例: ブロックチェーン、ロボティクス、RPA、マシンラーニング、音声/言語認識、人工知能など)を対象とするカテゴリーです。取り組み例は以下のとおりです。

  • Interesting experiments/ proof-of-concept with emerging technologies (e.g. blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.) that demonstrate promise to transform the business.
  • Production level machine learning, AI, DLT based solutions that demonstrate operational and economic savings.
  • Alternative business models to reengineer or redefine the core asset management value proposition.

Initiatives aimed at driving the consumption of manufactured investment product and solutions. Example initiatives include:

  • Technology aimed at integrating the manufacturing and distribution functions, e.g. analytics and wholesaler support tools.
  • Platforms that support the intermediary, e.g. advisor desktop technology and workflow enhancements.
  • Alternative delivery models such as robo-advice and other customer-facing enhancements.