Celent Model Asset Manager Awards


Celent Model Asset Manager Awards

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Nomination category
Please select one category which best describes the nature of your initiative.
Initiatives aimed at the transformation and enhancement of core systems and platforms toward a more modern architecture.
Initiatives aimed at driving the consumption of manufactured investment product and solutions.
Initiatives aimed at improving internal efficiency and risk management, including process automation, portfolio and risk data analytics, and cybersecurity.
Initiatives aimed at innovation in investment decision support, trading technology & execution technology.
Title of initiative
Financial institution information
Solution Partner (Vendor / Consultancy / IT Services / Business Process Services) (Optional)

If available, please provide details for the main solution partner who played a key role in developing/implementing the initiative (optional).

A brief summary of the initiative and key points on why you think it deserves a Model Asset Manager Award in your chosen category.
Describe the business need for the initiative. What problems were being experienced? What were the drivers and targets or desired outcomes? Who was the Executive Sponsor?
What solution did you design to achieve the desired outcomes? What technology did you use? What process or organisational changes did you implement?
Internal team: size of the core team, key departments involved; External resources: technology vendors, professional services firms, Fintech partners.
Approximate project duration; go-live date.
Firm revenue or productivity enhancement, cost reduction, end user feedback, social media buzz, etc.
Other business benefits that might be too hard to quantify.
What was particularly innovative about your initiative, e.g. new technology, ways of using it, approach, etc.?
How complex was the project? What were the biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?
Additional material

If you wish to submit any supplementary documents (e.g. presentations, screenshots, videos) along with your nomination, please add them here.

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