Head of Retail Banking
Boston, United States


With a wide range of experience in industry and as a consultant, Dan brings examples from outside financial services to help banks improve their customer relationships, with a particular emphasis on the importance of technology and culture.

Dan's coverage areas include digital and omnichannel banking, innovation, artificial intelligence, and the banking ecosystem. He has a passionate interest in behavioral economics, exploring why consumers and humans make the decisions they make, and what the implications are for banks.

Dan has been widely quoted in the press, including the Wall Street Journal, American Banker, Boston Globe, CNBC, and CNBC Europe. He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences and client gatherings, having addressed audiences ranging from intimate meetings with CEOs and central banks to keynote conference speeches in more than a dozen countries.

Prior to Celent, Dan led research groups at Deloitte and IBM, worked in industry at Merrill Lynch (where he lived in New York, Tokyo and London) and Liberty Mutual, and was a consultant at McKinsey & Co.

Dan received a Masters in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Dartmouth College. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA Institute and sits on the Boston Fed's Consumer Payments Research Center Advisory Board.

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