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VendorMarch (ベンダー向け)

VendorMatch offers you the opportunity to position yourself in front of likely prospects from the Financial Services industry who are actively seeking out technology solutions.

システムにプロファイル (会社と製品) を入力すると、潜在的な購入者は、インテリジェント・フィルタリング機能を利用してデータベースを検索し、ニーズを特定することができます。


Matching you with buyers with intent.

VendorMatch is also an efficient way for solution providers to relay information about their full suite of solutions to financial professionals who are beginning the evaluation process. Completing the directory survey and our RFX surveys* (coming soon) ensures vetted financial institutions, consultants and other influencers can quickly gain access to your information.



  • Use our forms and surveys to add you company and solution profiles to the VendorMatch directory free of charge.
  • Upgrade your profile with one of our PRO Packages.
  • Complete our RFX surveys to share information with potential buyers.
For instructions about creating a vendor profile see the vendor manual HERE

Vendor Pro Features

All vendors can create a profile and list their solutions for free. Access to certain enhanced features is restricted to VendorMatch PRO subscribers. These include an upgraded profile, promotional options and analytics.

Read more about our Vendor Pro features here